dinsdag 25 augustus 2009

Letters of Gold August 2009


From the House of the Divine Will

Issue No. 64 August 2009


Creation then Redemption now Sanctification
God is now calling souls back to the Original Order, Place and Purpose
for which He created mankind—as it was in the Garden of Eden— in order to fulfill
the Lord’s Prayer to the Father, “Thy Will be done on earth as in Heaven.”
“The Holy Spirit wants to give Christians a ‘new and divine holiness’
at the Dawn of the Third Millennium” - Pope John Paul II
August 15, 2009, Feast of the Assumption—known in Heaven as the
Feast of the Divine Will
(for Mary never did her own will, but always let the Divine Will reign freely in Her)

The Infinite Joys of the Divine Trinity

The Single, Never-ending Act of God—generated by his Divine Will—forms the Eternal Life of the Holy Trinity. This Life is infinitely joyful, dynamic and fruitful. It is always new in beauty and happiness; and as It unfolds It produces for the Three Divine Persons, in every “eternal instant,” new, fascinating and enrapturing delights, worthy of their Supreme Being.

What is an act done in the Divine Will?

The first thing that comes to mind is that there is only One Act of the Divine Will. And that Single, Eternal Act forms the Life of God which unfolds eternally without beginning or end. That One Act is generated by the Divine Will which is the common, vital principle, animator and director of all Three Persons of the Blessed Trinity. All other motion and life are effects of Their Single, Eternal Act.
Therefore, the acts done in the Divine Will by human creatures who have been given the Gift of the Divine Will on loan or permanently (and who knows if It has been given permanently while on earth, except by a special revelation from God ?) are acts initiated by the human will under the influence of Divine Grace, Divine Inspiration or simply the normal operation of the prime movement of the Divine Will in our natural acts such as breathing, heart beats or movements (provided we have the general intention of offering all our acts in the Divine Will). These acts are immediately transformed from merely human to infinitely Divine by the action of God, Who generates the Divine Life of the Single Act of the Divine Will in these acts that we do.
Therefore, our acts in the Divine Will are operations of the Single Act of God in our souls. The human will which initiates our acts is immediately engulfed by the Divine Will, transforming that act with all the Divine Attributes, while the human will in that act flows with the Divine Will. In this way the act is still that of the human being, but it is also and primarily the Act of God.

The acts we do in the Divine Will multiply to the infinite, embrace all eternity and penetrate everywhere. They circulate with the Divine Will through everything, through all souls, as well as the Angels and Saints who feel these acts within themselves—even our breathing, heart beats and movements. These acts produce unspeakable joys in the Blessed in Heaven, for they experience in these acts the operations of the Divine Will in the pilgrim souls on earth who are in the conquering* and suffering mode of life on earth, which the Blessed do not experience on their own in the triumphant, enjoying mode of Heaven. (*Conquering mode refers to overcoming the world, the devil, the flesh, our ego and self will.)
Our will and the acts we do in the Divine Will become identified with the Divine Will and Its Single Act—much like the waters of a small stream, which, upon entering a large river, become identified with the large river and go where the large river goes, do what it does and acquire the qualities of the large river.
(At this point a few words are appropriate regarding the plural reference to Divine Acts in the writings of Luisa. Although Jesus explains clearly to Luisa that the Divine Will generates one, single, eternal Act, He also uses the plural expression, “Acts of the Divine Will.” He does this as an accommodation to the human pattern of thought, though the meaning is simply that the immense number and variety of things accomplished by the Divine Will are really effects of the Single Act of the Divine Will.)

The effects of a creature’s act done in the Divine Will are incalculable (except to God), and many, many pages could be written on the incredible, marvelous, fascinating and enchanting things that result from one act in the Divine Will. God Himself is fascinated and enchanted, and experiences new joys in observing His own Life producing these marvels in the acts of his human creatures.

These acts, with all the fascinating and enrapturing marvels of the Divine Life in them, become the dowry of the children of the Divine Will, which they take with them to Heaven to enjoy through all eternity. Imagine that! The joys in these acts that fascinate and enrapture our Infinite God will be ours to enjoy to the limits of our finiteness!
The prayers, acts and motions that one does in the Divine Will never end. They enclose Heaven and Earth and God Himself, forming for Him a royal palace worthy of his Divine Being.
When a soul lives in the Divine Will that soul is in the continuous act of receiving Jesus and of giving herself to Him with each of her breaths.
The human will and the Divine Will flow together in the acts of the creature and are fused into one, with the Divine Will becoming the primary actor, animator and director.

The soul acting in the Divine Will multiplies the Life of Jesus in every act.
Whereas the Divine Will is the actor and spectator of all, so also the actions of the soul done in the Divine Will operate in everything and become spectators of all—even of the happiness and joy of the Angels and Saints.
God places thousands of Angels as guards and custodians of acts done in the Divine Will. And these Angels reverently adore these acts in which they see the Eternal Will. They release their custody of them only when souls come along to take them as divine fruit for their own nourishment.
The acts of a soul done in the Divine Will circulate through everything in Heaven and on earth, and the soul enters into communion with everything. And all created things feel the Life of their Creator in these acts that circulate through them.
The Divine Will multiplies Its Life and Its blessings in the acts of creatures done in It. And the Divine Will rejoices and needs the acts of the soul to multiply Jesus in those acts.
Every act that the soul does in the Divine Will drives a nail in her own will. When the human will lives in the Divine Will, it becomes so expanded that it is diffused into every creature, and the soul makes a gift to Jesus of the life that He has given each creature.

The soul should allow the Divine Will to precede, accompany and follow her in every-thing and let the Divine Will encompass all her acts. Doing this causes new joys and happiness to pour out from God.
Jesus told Luisa that He feels the lives of the children of the Divine Will within his Sacramental Life and that their lives are multiplied in each host.
Jesus told Luisa that the only thing left for the Holy Trinity to do in Creation is for their Will to act in creatures as It acts in Them.

The Divine Will acts in the soul as in one continuous actual act, forming Its Life in the soul. And as the soul does its acts in the Divine Will, it passes through all centuries.

The human acts of Jesus which He did in the Divine Will become gifts to his creatures who want them, transforming their acts into divine acts, adorning these fortunate creatures with divine, splendorous and multifaceted beauty.
The Divine Will produces innumerable and incredible prodigies as it acts in creatures; and when the soul calls the Divine Will to act in her and she enters the Divine Will letting It act in all her acts, there occurs a current between the Will animating and directing the Three Persons of the Holy Trinity and the same Will animating and directing that soul.

When the soul enters into the Divine Will, her thoughts, prayers and actions rise up to Jesus, and He feels that soul in His voice, actions and steps.

The Divine Will is Life and always wants to grow in the soul who lives in It. The Divine Will is content to wait for the smallest act or loving invitation from the creature. Not wanting to act by force, It desires of the creature a yearning for the Divine Will to be constantly growing in her and to develop Its fullness in her. In this way the soul becomes imbued with the Divine Strength, Sanctity, Beauty, happiness, knowledge and the innumerable goods and blessings of the Divine Fiat.

On a particular occasion, Jesus spoke to Luisa about the sublime heights to which a soul can arrive who lives in the Divine Will. He told her that the Divine Will keeps such a soul informed of all the works of God. Jesus went on to speak about how the Father is continuously generating the Son and that the Holy Spirit proceeds from the Father and the Son. He explained to Luisa that this is Their Life within Them; and, in a way of speaking, this generating and proceeding forms Their Heartbeat and Breath, without which They would have no Life.

This continuous generating of the Word and proceeding of the Holy Spirit produces for Them uncontainable joy and happiness, which then overflow to the inhabitants of Heaven, forming their joy and happiness. And from the same overflowing of this Divine and Eternal Generation of the Word by the Father and proceeding of the Holy Spirit comes forth the magnificence of all Creation, the existence of the Human Race, the Immaculate Conception of Mary, and the Incarnation of the Eternal Word.

The soul who comes to live continuously and seriously in the Divine Will arrives at being a type of spectator of these Divine Wonders as she will feel within her the Son giving Himself back to the Father who is always generating Him, and the Holy Spirit proceeding from the Father and Son. This most fortunate soul receives unspeakable contentment, Love and Graces. She then gives God incredible Glory, and He gives her the rights over the goods and blessings of Creation.

The Divine Rights

Among the so many Rights of God there are some which Jesus relates to Luisa in the “Book of Heaven.” When she began to write the Volumes of the “Book of Heaven” in obedience to her Confessor, Jesus told her that He was irresistibly drawn by the Divine Fiat to direct, as she wrote, what He was manifesting to her about the Divine Will. He said that this commitment was a Sacred and Divine Right to be the Actor, Dictator and Spectator while she wrote, so that all might be light and surprising truths.


These Letters of Gold have been coming from the House of the Divine Will since June of 1993. Readers of recent issues have probably noticed the heightened levels of insights into the Mystery of the Divine Will and Its operations in souls. It is my sincere hope that many of the Readers of these newsletters will be highly motivated to dive completely into the Infinite Sea of the Divine Will, which requires applied knowledge of this unsurpassable Gift, the denying of the human will, its ego and its attachments, and the spirit of Silence.


August Anniversaries: I am closing this 64th issue of Letters of Gold with a teeny, little history of the beginnings of the diffusion of the knowledge of the Divine Will in the English-speaking world. My wife, Kathy, and I were guided by Our Lady and St. Padre Pio to Frascati, Italy, in August of 1972. While staying with some Mexican Priests and an American Brother there, some of Luisa’s writings were brought from Milan to the Priests. Back in Florida we encouraged a young American man, Michael Adams, to pursue his vocation to the Priesthood with those Priests in Frascati. He arrived on August 1, 1973, and was immediately exposed to the doctrine of Living in the Divine Will. In October of 1973, my wife and I received a letter from Frascati exposing us to the doctrine of Living in the Divine Will. I immediately fell in love with what I read, and began to share this knowledge with others. That was essentially the beginning of the diffusion of these celestial teachings in the English-speaking world. So many joys and so many sufferings followed, but the most wonderful thing is that the Father’s Kingdom is here on earth in some souls and It is spreading more and more.