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From the House of the Divine Will
Issue No. 65 December 2009

Creation - then Redemption - now Sanctification

God is now calling souls back to the Original Order, Place and Purpose
for which He created mankind—as it was in the Garden of Eden— in order to fulfill
the Lord’s Prayer to the Father, “Thy Will be done on earth as in Heaven.”
“The Holy Spirit wants to give Christians a ‘new and divine holiness’
at the Dawn of the Third Millennium” - Pope John Paul II

The Holy Trinity and the Gift of the Divine Will
(In the editor’s own words)

At the supreme moment of the Incarnation of the Word, the Son promptly obeyed the Will of his Father, and the Holy Spirit, with the one and same Will of the Father and Son, was in complete agreement. In the midst of their Light and Holiness, the mutual, reciprocal and equal Love of the Three Divine Persons was exceedingly mighty toward men; and thus, with the Incarnation, began the restor-ation of the Kingdom of the Father’s Will on earth as It was in the beginning. The Incarnate Word would take the name, Jesus, and at the age of 30, having emerged from his 40-day fast in the desert, He began to preach and say:

“Repent for the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand!”

Having spent the prior 30 years concentrating on the restitution to man of the eternal and celestial Kingdom of the Father’s Will, given and rejected in Eden, Jesus now concentrates on the temporal Kingdom of Redemption as the necessary first stage of the full restitution of the Kingdom of the Divine Will. Toward the end of his mission on earth, Jesus formally prayed for the coming of the Kingdom of the Divine Will and taught this prayer to his Apostles, knowing that the Kingdom of Redemption and the Kingdom of the Divine Will are inseparably bound. And this is because: when one these Kingdoms comes there must come also the other.

One day, Luisa Piccarreta had a mystical vision of the Most Holy Trinity veiled within the Sun, which represented Them in this way: the fire of the Sun was representative of the Father, the light represented the Son, and the heat the Holy Spirit. The light and heat of the Sun are inseparable from its fire—the Sun being one. And likewise, the Father, Son and Holy Spirit are One in their Power, Being, Essence and Nature. And as the fire of the Sun produces light and heat simultaneously, so, in the Trinity, the Father, Son and Holy Spirit all have the same co-eternal Existence.

In considering all this, we must also know that the Son is the Only Begotten of the Father. The Holy Spirit is not another Son of the Father, but proceeds from the mutual Love of both the Father and the Son. Yet the Holy Spirit is equal in every way with the Father and Son. In the case of the Sun in the sky, we might say that the light is the “son” of the fire and the heat proceeds from the fire and the light.

On another occasion, Luisa had a vision of three suns, which represented each of the Three Divine Persons, but these suns became so identified in their mutual brilliance that they were joined as One. She seemed to see in this vision the mystery of the Holy Trinity and the formation of the three powers of the soul in man. At that moment God allowed Luisa to understand that if a person stayed in this Divine Light of the Holy Trinity, that person’s will would be transformed in the Father, his intellect in the Son, and his memory in the Holy Spirit.

On yet another occasion, Luisa records that she seemed to see the Persons of the Most Holy Trinity in a state of ecstasy as They contemplated the beauty of one another in their mutual gazes, causing Them to overflow with Love and seemingly to be enraptured, while becoming ever more ecstatic in this Love. She understood that all their eternal Life, joy, happiness and activity was enclosed in this Love and that this activity of the Most Holy Trinity was perfect and was the cause of the whole happiness, joy and delight of the Angels and Saints.

The following truths and concepts are based on things that Jesus told Luisa:

By living in the Divine Will one represents Jesus’ life on earth. Exteriorly, He appeared just as a man, but He was really the beloved Son of the Heavenly Father. Similarly, the soul who lives in the Divine Will seems to be an ordinary human being, while the Person of Jesus abides in that person’s interior by way of Will and Love, inseparable from the Holy Trinity, just as it happens in the Humanity of Jesus.

Considering the exalted type of union that a soul who lives in the Divine Will has with Jesus, He told Luisa that this union lifts the soul, in the highest degree, to the Life of his Will and Love. The Father is formed in the Divine Will possessed by this soul, the Holy Spirit is formed in the Divine Love issuing from the Divine Will in this soul, and the Son is formed in all the mental, vocal, spiritual and physical acts that spring forth from this Will and Love. And this forms the Life of the Trinity in such souls. And Jesus adds to this theme that it makes no difference whether Persons of the Holy Trinity, operate within the Trinity in Heaven or within the Trinity in these souls on earth.

Concerning the Three Divine Fiats—Creation, Redemption and Sanctification: Jesus spoke to Luisa about how no participation of any creature was required by God in bringing forth Creation by his Fiat, but that in the Fiat of Redemption, God wanted the cooperation of a creature—namely the Virgin Mary who was chosen to be the Mother of Jesus. Regarding the Third Fiat of God, the “Fiat Voluntas Tua on earth as in Heaven,” which completes the First and Second Fiats, the Holy Trinity wants to pronounce It through Luisa. Jesus explained that the Third Fiat will complete the glory and honor due God for Creation, and that it will confirm and complete the fruits of Redemption. The Three Fiats are inseparable, one and triune but distinct—each the life of the others. Divine Love cannot contain Itself and feels compelled irresistibly to bring forth the Third Fiat, which began with God’s work in Luisa as fulfillment of the “Our Father.”

Once, when Luisa was reflecting on Jesus’ Agony in the garden of Gethsemane, He spoke to her telling her of the immense and incomprehensible pain it caused him to see how deformed, ugly and horrible was the human intellect compared to the beautiful image that God had reproduced in the created mind in the beginning of the life of man in Eden.

Jesus went on to explain that God had given man a will, an intellect and a memory, and that the Glory of the Father had radiated from within man’s will to which He communicated his Power, Holiness and nobility, giving the human will the right to enrich itself with the treasures of the Divinity and that the very Life of God was to be the life of the human will.

In his Agony, Jesus grieved greatly over how disfigured and disgusting the human will had become, trading its freedom for slavery to the most vile passions, and becoming the cause of all the miseries and evils of mankind. His Agony proceeded onward, seeing how He had endowed man with intellect, communicating to it Divine Wisdom and the science of all things to savor them and rejoice in the goodness that God had placed in them; but man used this intellect to fill it with filthy vices, using his knowledge to disavow his very Creator! To see what man had done with the memory that the Holy Spirit had given man, added grief upon grief to Jesus during his Agony. The memory of man was to remember all the benefits of his intimate relationship with his Creator and to allow beautiful and charming currents of Love to flow—a Love that was to embrace this memory and imbue its whole life. But this memory remembers illicit pleasures, material riches, and the ways to sin.

And so, by misusing these great powers of his soul, given to man to make him an image of the most holy and most pure Trinity, man has expelled the Divine Trinity from within the very gifts of that same Most Holy Trinity. With indescribable sorrow Jesus, in his Agony, was made to look upon the ugliness and deformity of these three powers that God had given to man with so much Love. God had established his throne in man, but man had thrown Him out!

Jesus spoke with emphasis to Luisa, bidding her to consider the unapproachable Sanctity contained in his Will—and how living in It surpasses all other benefits and graces given to his Church and its Saints over the centuries. He told Luisa about a New Era and a Blessing that would benefit all generations, and how Divine Wisdom had decreed that this Blessing was to be concentrated in one, single creature, just as God had concentrated everything in Mary, his Mother, in her time. The single creature, chosen by God for the beginning of the Third Fiat of God was to be Luisa Piccarreta.

As souls disposed themselves in former times for Redemption by the divine promise of a Messiah and by their supplications and yearnings, so, following a similar pattern, souls of the past two millennia were taught by Our Lord, to pray that the Kingdom of the Father would come so the Divine Will could be done on earth as in Heaven. For the Divine Will to be done on earth as in Heaven, souls must live in the Divine Will as possessors of It, because that is the way It is done in Heaven. In Heaven the Blessed live in the Divine Will in the mode of enjoyment; whereas on earth the souls who live in the Divine Will do so in the conquering and meritorious mode.

The Third Fiat of God, Jesus explains to Luisa, is to bring mankind back to its original state as it was in the beginning in the Garden of Eden. This return to the original state means the most incredible and divine transformation of man’s image and likeness to God with the most sublime and incredible effects—recalling to mind the expression of St. Paul: “That eye has not seen nor ear heard, neither has it entered into the heart of man, what things that God has prepared for them that love Him”!!

The Prayer of Our Lord to our Father that He taught to the Apostles and to the Church is not only the seed of hope for the coming of the Reign of the Divine Will but also the seed that inspired and disposed the saints to achieve their holiness and the martyrs to shed their blood. And all the blessings of the Church have sprung from this seed.

Jesus made known to Luisa the greatness of her mission and the extraordinary graces and helps He gave her to fulfill this most sublime mission. He told her that He gave her a continuous stream of efficacious graces and that it was proper to her mission that He concentrate in her soul every possible blessing, innumerable graces, divine purity and nobility. The great foundation He was forming in her soul included the concentration of all graces that He has and will give the previous, current and future generations—even to the point of doubling and multiplying them in her soul.

Jesus reminded Luisa of all He had done in the Virgin Mary [Mother and Queen of the Divine Will] at the time of Redemption—the portents and prodigies that the Divine Will had worked in Her. He spoke to Luisa of how those in the Old Testament times, who were praying for the Redeemer to come, were also praying for Mary to come. He added that even more Love would be manifested in the Third Fiat—“Thy Will be done on earth as in Heaven”—and that another, special virgin soul was required. Thus, the people of the New Testament times, who prayed the Lord’s Prayer for the Kingdom to Come, were also, without realizing it, praying for Luisa to come.

So, we see that God has decreed to work three times “ad extra” [outside the inner Life of the Trinity]. The Trinity has decreed Creation, Redemption and Sanctification. Although the Sacraments of Redemption have served as medicine and remedies for sick children (i.e., sick from the effects of Original Sin) and communicate Grace, which can sanctify, according to the human order, those souls properly disposed, the Sanctity of the Third Fiat brings souls into a new and Divine Holiness according to the original, divine order established in man in Eden at the beginning of the human race. And it is the Third Fiat of God that is the most beautiful and highest point and which seals and completes God’s work in Creation and Redemption.

The mission of the Divine Will reflects the Holy Trinity on earth. The Three Divine Persons of the Trinity live in Heaven, and They want three distinct persons in carrying out their missions to reflect the Heavenly Trinity on earth. The Maternity of the Virgin Mary, who lived perfectly in the Divine Will, reflects the Paternity of God the Father. The Redeeming Humanity of Jesus, who possesses the Divine Will by nature, reflects the Eternal Word. And the mission of the Divine Will given to Luisa, reflects the Holy Spirit, in that He makes his Love overflow in her, causing the secrets and prodigies of the Divine Will to be revealed to humanity.

The three unrepeatable missions of Jesus, Mary and Luisa are distinct but inseparable. Jesus and Mary, who suffered in ways beyond human understanding, prepared everything for the third mission of the Divine Will, which was given to Luisa, who also suffered in ways and degrees properly known only to God.

For us, who have begun our first steps into the Reign of the Divine Will on earth, we must know that for our acts to be good and holy, they must have their beginning from God. Our acts, our movements, our love and adoration having their beginning from the Holy Trinity become part of the mutual, eternal adoration and Love of the three Divine Persons. The motion in our acts is that of the Supreme Being—unceasing motion that gives motion to all. Living in the Divine Will is the supreme prodigy. It is the primary prodigy—the Prodigy of God Himself. All other ways of holiness and efforts toward perfection fade away and disappear before Life lived in the Unity of the Light of the Divine Will.

Closing Acclamation: O incomprehensible God! You live in a mysterious order of self-Existence without beginning or end. How could we ever love or understand You unless you reveal something of Yourself to us? We thank You for our tiny, little existences, so dependent on You. We thank You for what You have revealed of Yourself, for your Mercy toward us, and most especially for the Gift of your Divine Will, which raises our insignificance to deification in You, allowing us to live Eternal Life in You and to Love You infinitely, divinely, eternally with your very own Will!


The Immaculate Conception of the Virgin Mary
(In the editor’s own words)

One day Luisa was thinking about the Conception of the Queen of Heaven and how fortunate She was to have been exempted from Original Sin. While Luisa was thinking about these things, Jesus spoke to her and explained that the seed which formed the flesh of Mary in the womb of Ann was taken from the human stock as happens with all human beings. But before her soul was conceived in her human seed, the Power of the Divine Will concentrated Its rays of celestial light and heat in this human seed annihilating all the evil in it, thus, purifying that seed completely, with the marvelous result that this seed became pure and holy, and exempt from Original Sin. Then the most pure soul of the Queen of Heaven was conceived in this purified seed. And with that, the Immaculate Conception of the Queen of Heaven took place!

The marvel of the Immaculate Conception was due wholly to the operation of the Divine Will, which did not make use of another seed or destroy that seed formed in the natural, human order of things. The light and heat of the Divine Will totally purified the newly formed seed in Ann’s womb, removing the evil humors that all such seeds contract from the sin of Adam, thus restoring that human seed to the perfection that had originally come forth from the Creator at the very beginning of the human race.

Jesus told Luisa that with the birth of Mary, the right was restored to humanity to possess the Kingdom of the Divine Will, once again. And when He assumed human flesh, both Jesus and Mary worked together to form this Kingdom of Theirs in the human race. Thus nothing was left but to know It in order to take possession of It.

To make the Divine Will and Its Kingdom known is precisely what Jesus has done through Luisa Piccarreta of Corato, Italy, who was born in 1865 and died in 1947. As human beings take to heart the living in the Divine Will, It will repeat Its marvelous operation of having Its light and heat remove from them the evil humors, which are contracted by the human seed due to Original Sin, and human beings are now and will be returning to the possession of the Father’s Kingdom to live once again in the Divine Will as it was in the beginning.