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From the House of the Divine Will

Issue No. 60                                                           ____                                                        November  2008




Creation  then Redemption  now Sanctification


God is now calling souls back to the Original Order, Place and Purpose

for which He created mankind—as it was in the Garden of Eden— in order to fulfill

the Lord’s Prayer to the Father, “Thy Will be done on earth as in Heaven.”


 “The Holy Spirit wants to give Christians a ‘new and divine holiness’

at the Dawn of the Third Millennium” - Pope John Paul II


This sublime Project of Heaven is made known to us by the life and

writings of the Servant of God Luisa Piccarreta (1865-1947)


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Understanding God with the Gift of the Divine Will

(The following Concepts are paraphrased by T. Fahy from extracts of the Writings of Luisa Piccarreta)


Jesus made Luisa understand her nothingness. She seemed to be a grain of sand in the midst of a vast ocean, which is God.  As this little grain of sand dissolved itself in that vast ocean, it found itself dissolved in God.

Jesus told Luisa that He was delaying the general reign of the Kingdom of the Divine Will because He wants people to know, to pray, to yearn that It come to reign and to understand the Great Gift that it is.  Then He can say to us that we have desired It, that we have merited It, and finally It has established Its reign among us.

One day Luisa was following the Supreme Fiat in Creation and she became absorbed in trying to understand the continuous act of the Divine Will on our behalf through created things as well as more directly—by being our movement, our breath, our heartbeat, our very life. She exclaimed—wishing so much that people could see what the Divine Will does for all of us, but was sorrowed in realizing that we do not recognize It and are not aware of It, as if we lived far removed from It.

Jesus wanted Luisa to know all the details of man’s creation, so that she could understand the excess of the Holy Trinity’s Love and the divine right of Their Fiat to reign in man.  Jesus wanted her to know that in the creation of man the Divine Being found it necessary to love him, because all that They gave man remained attached to Them and was transfused in Them.  Breathing Life in him, They did not remove that Breath from him but so identified It with his breath that They felt his breath in Theirs.

Jesus spoke to Luisa about trust, and how if there is not full trust in Him, one cannot be raised up to live in the Divine Will.

All things here below are veiled.  And this is true for the supernatural realm as well as in the natural realm.  In Heaven, however, veils do not exist.  All things are seen as they actually are, and the intelligence does not need to work to understand them.

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But here on earth, it is not like that. In preaching the Gospel, Jesus used examples and similes.  Only those people who approached Him and listened with faith and humility in their hearts, and desiring to know his truths and practice them, could understand Him.

Likewise, in order to understand the shining truths of the Divine Will, we have to do our work, approach them with Faith, desire them, want to know them, pray and humble our intellects, opening these intellects and let the life and goodness of these truths enter in. Otherwise, lacking the true will to know these marvelous truths, upon reading them there will be lacking the clarity and understanding of them.

Our love for God, especially loving Him with his own Will, will make us understand his infinite and unsurpassable Love and the great difference between his Creating Love and our created love.

The passport to enter the Kingdom of the Divine Will is a resolute will, and a determination to never do one’s own will, at the cost of any sacrifice, even one’s life.  However, the passport alone is not enough.  One must study the language and customs of this Kingdom, which are the various truths of Its knowledge, the prerogatives, beauties and value that the Divine Will contains.

The Light of the Divine Will possesses the great secret encompassed in Creation; and it only makes these secrets known to those who want to live in this Light, because this Light has the strength to dispose souls to understand and live Its secrets all divine.

The Three Persons of the Trinity form a single Being. This Supreme Being is lonely and wants company.  Those who assuage his loneliness in the midst of so many of His works are the ones who live in the Divine Will.  These souls come into the midst of His works and speak to the Supreme Being about them, telling Him how much they love Him for each created thing.  These souls open their hearts to Him telling Him of their own intimate secrets.  They speak to Him about his Divine Fiat and their sorrow that It is not yet reigning throughout the world.

Delighted with the pleasant companionship of souls who understand Him, the Supreme Being, in listening to these companions feels in them His own love and sorrow, and His Heart swells with love and joy and pours into the hearts of these companions His inmost secrets and how the Reign of the Divine Will is the only purpose of the works of Creation.

These souls, living in His Will, are everything to Jesus.  They make up for the muteness of his works in Creation and speak to Him for everything and from everything.  These souls take away His loneliness and provide Him with someone with whom He can finally speak, because they understand Him and his divine language.

With a heart-broken tone of voice, Jesus once told Luisa that He had created man to have someone to talk to, but He wanted man to possess the Divine Will so that man could understand Him.  By rejecting the great Gift of the Divine Will, man left God in a taciturn state with great sorrow and suffocated Love.

Our Lord, in speaking to Luisa has used a much different language in manifesting the truths of the Divine Will than He did in manifesting the Gospel. In the Book of Heaven, the language has been that of a father among his dearest children, who are healthy and who possess the very Will and Life of their Father within them, making them capable of understanding the most sublime lessons.

Having the Divine Fiat within them, the children of the Divine Will will have within them the very One who created the Sun, the stars, the galaxies and Who will give them the incredible ability to copy within themselves everything that their Father has created and the same ways that He uses in his divine manner of operating, which extends to the infinite.

These souls, living in the Divine Will, will be united to that Will that provides existence to all created things, and they will understand the language that each created thing speaks of its Creator.  These souls will hear the voices of creation, they will understand their celestial speaking and read the divine characters which, with so much Love, God imprinted in all created things.

Then, in Heaven, these children of the Divine Will will understand with even greater clarity the great blessing of the knowledge of the Supreme Fiat, and they will ask all the inhabitants of Heaven to pray that this knowledge of the Fiat will be known throughout the earth and that those who work to make it known will be given clearer light.

In this context, in a joyful tone of voice, Jesus told Luisa how she and God would experience such great satisfaction, glory and unending happiness in seeing the purpose of Creation fulfilled, and that the Holy Trinity would bestow upon Luisa the title of Co-Redemptrix of the Divine Will, proclaiming her mother of all the children of the Divine Will.

The soul who has fused its will with the Divine Will is bilocated everywhere with the Divine Will and does with the Divine Will what It does, and the Divine Will does with the soul what she does.

When the Divine Will wants to speak, it looks to see if there is the space in the soul that the gift of Its word can occupy.  In creating man, God gave him His greatest and most precious Gift—the Divine Will, as depository in him.  This enabled the Holy Trinity to speak to man about the wonderful surprises and immense gifts that the Divine Fiat contains.

By rejecting the Divine Will, man has aborted so much love of God. How painful this was to Jesus!

If someone on earth does not know God, there is no place in his heart to receive or understand what God wants to give.  God is deprived of the satisfaction of his nature in this soul—a nature which wants to share His joys and happiness.

Therefore the Blessed Trinity waits.  It waits for the coming of their children who will live in their Will.  According to the knowledge these children acquire, the Three Divine Persons want to make them beautiful, wise, holy, noble and teachers of the new sciences of God.

[The Theme of Understanding God continues in next Letters of Gold.]


The Incredible and Marvelous Death of Thomas Vander Woude

on September 8, 2008


This remarkable man from Nokesvile, VA—husband and father of several children, lover of the Church and helper to any and all who needed his help—was a reader of the “Hours of the Passion of Our Lord Jesus Christ” by Luisa Piccarreta.  Not long before his incredible death, Tom was so impressed with the suffering of the 1 AM hour of Jesus’s Passion (when Jesus was thrown into the Cedron Stream) that he couldn’t help but talk about what happened to Jesus in that Hour with others: 

[Here is a paragraph from that Hour: “O my Jesus, we are now at the Cedron Stream.  Now the treacherous Jews push You in, they throw You into the stream, hurling you against a nearby rock so hard that your most Precious Blood pours from your mouth, marking that rock.  Then, pulling You down into the depths of that putrid water, they force it in o your ears, your mouth, and your nose.  O unspeakable Love!  You are immersed and, as it were, cloaked by that foul, nauseating, and frigid water; and, in this state, You vividly portray the pitiful state of crea-tures when they sin.  O how this cloak of filthiness covers them inside and out!  How it disgusts Heaven and all who see them—drawing down upon them the wrath of Divine Justice.”]

Well, on September 8, 2008, Thomas Vander Woude’s son, Joseph (who was born with Downs Syndrome) slipped on some muddy earth into a rather deep septic tank behind the Vander Woude’s home.  The cover had apparently been opened for some construction purpose. Mr. Vander Woude was unable to extricate his son from above, so he jumped in the septic tank and held up his son for a long time while others sought help. The depth of the septic tank was such that Mr.Vander Woude had to struggle desperately to keep his head above the contents. By the time adequate help arrived and retrieved his son alive, Mr. Thomas Vander Woude had drowned in the fluids of the septic tank!! 

What an incredible, and yet marvelous death! —identifying so fully with the 1 AM Hour of Jesus’ suffering, which had made such a profound impression on Mr. Vander Woude.


For our Readers who don’t have access to email, here is a short description of the recent Conference on the Gift of the Divine Will in Clearwater Beach, Florida:

The Conference in Clearwater Beach was especially wonderful.  We had beautiful facilities which allowed us to view the wonderful traces of God's beauty in the Nature of his local Cosmos and in the happiness of those attending. Especially pleasing to all were the 12 Priests who were present, including all the "new" Priests.  One of the 12 Priests was Fr. Michael Adams, who came and went at various times due to his parochial duties nearby.  It was great to see Fr. John Brown again.  Please keep him in your daily prayers regarding his health situation.  Tell Jesus and Mary that we need him to stick around.  We heard nary a complaint with the facilities and the Confer-ence; all were very content and happy, so it seems from the verbal reports we have received.


A Reflection on the Essence of God and the essence of Man

As frequently happens when we have conferences on the Gift of the Divine Will there will be some friendly, private discussions about some of the matters of interest that were made known. One of these matters of interest had to do with the Essence of God and that of man.

Here are some points: God’s Essence is his uncreated Existence.  The created essence of man’s soul is the principle of his existence. Created essence compares to Divine Essence as the imperfect to the perfect. The Essence of God is His Existence, Intellect and Will, and Act and Power. In man intellect and will are powers of the soul but not essence. God created the Universe “ex nihilo” and creates each soul “ex nihilo” (from absolute nothingness) and not from anything created or uncreated—i.e. not even from the uncreated Substance or from the uncreated Essence of God.  Everything that is not the Divine Essence is a creature, as is the human soul and also the human body. The substance of man is composite, made up of soul and body.  God’s Substance is simple and is not composed of any parts.



More News:  The Free offering of the “Hours of the Passion of our Lord Jesus Christ” which was sponsored by an anonymous and generous soul, ended on November 12.  It was very successful, with over 250 books sent to souls who did not have any copy of this marvelous book and who agreed to read and pray those last 24 hours of Jesus’ life. Only those on our email list were notified of this spontaneous offering.  This Hard Bound book, so necessary for our times, is regularly available for a suggested donation of $12.95.


Christmas is approaching.  We have just recently done our preliminary year-end inventory and find it expedient for our benefit and yours to offer the following books until Christmas Eve, 2008, at these suggested donations: Only Jesus$5.00!, the masterpiece of Archbishop Luis Martinez (originally $14.95).  Volumes 7 and 8 of the Book of Heaven—$3.00 each. (originally $5.50 each). Volume 15 of the Book of Heaven—$3.50.  Thy Kingdom Come (biography of Luisa Piccarreta)—$5.00 (originally $7.95).  Be Faithful and Attentive—$19.95, the 928 page Handbook for living in the Divine Will (originally $24.95).  Some people are storing up supplies of books for the times ahead.