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From the House of the Divine Will
Issue No. 73 __ October 2011
Creation - then Redemption - now Sanctification
God is now calling souls back to the Original Order, Place and Purpose
for which He created mankind--as it was in the Garden of Eden-- in order to fulfill
the Lord's Prayer to the Father, “Thy Will be done on earth as in Heaven.”

The Glory and Supremacy of the Actions of Souls
Who Live in the Divine Will
Human Life and Divine Life
Human Nature consists of body and soul. The human soul is simple--not made of parts, but the soul does have 3 powers--intellect, memory, and will. The body's senses--sight, hearing, smell, touch, and taste--provide information to the intellect. The memory retains that information. The will acts upon that information and animates and directs the human person in response to that information. The human will is also the vital principle of the human nature, thus, at the immediate level, it provides life to the soul's intellect and memory, and also to the body.
Human Life unfolds in a continuous series of individual human acts, beginning with infantile human acts like crying or sucking one's thumb, then the acts of a child, the acts of an adolescent, of a young adult, etc., until death. Even blinking one's eye is a human act. Because the human will is free in choosing what it does, one's acts can be morally good, or morally bad, or even morally indifferent according to the awareness and intention of the one who does an act..
The Divine Life in God has no beginning or end. Instead of a continuous series of acts, the Divine Life of the Blessed Trinity is generated in One, Single, Never-ending Act of the Divine Will, from which everything proceeds. Thus, all that is not the Divine Will (except moral evil) is a direct or indirect effect of the Divine Will.
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In the Beginning of the Human Race the human will was integrated and fused with the Divine Will in such a way that the Divine Will acted in the human will to produce divine acts. In this way, the life of the first two humans was a divine life, in which all their acts were incorporated and identified with the Single Act of the Divine Will which animated and directed all the activity of these first two humans. In this state of integration and fusion of the human will with the Divine Will, the human will was beautiful and holy with the Beauty and Holiness of God, and it was constant and strong with the Constancy and Strength of God.

--End of the Introduction--

The Single Act of God
The Essence of the Blessed Trinity is their One Divine Will, which in a single Act is always active and always in motion but fixed at an immovable point which is Eternity. In Its immensity, It embraces everyone and everything, and no one can escape It. Everything comes forth from the Divine Will in Its single Act--Creation, Redemption, Sanctification, which are effects of Its single Act. This single, eternal Act of the Divine Will is capable of making the acts of others Its own, incorporating them in Its one only Act, as happened in Adam, in Eve, in Mary, in Luisa, and is now possible for others who truly want this Greatest of all Gifts.
God the Father generates God the Son in the single Act of the Divine Will, and in this single Act of their Divine Will, the Father and the Son breathe forth the Third Person of the Holy Trinity--the Holy Spirit.
So, we see that all that is Good, Beautiful, True and Holy comes forth from the Divine Will.
Whatever God does is always in act, and the soul who possesses the Divine Will takes part in all that God does. Therefore, this soul, forming a single act with her God, flows with God in his creating and conserving action; thus she creates and conserves all things with Him, forming the glory of Creation for her Creator. This co-action with God happens also in Redemption and Sanctification. The soul who possesses and lives in the Divine Will participates in the ever, ongoing acts, words, prayers and sufferings of Jesus, her Redeemer, and she also participates in the sanctifying operations of the Holy Spirit. By living in the Divine Will, the soul even enters into the interior (ad intra) Life of the Blessed Trinity and participates in their mutual exchanges of Divine Love, Divine Adoration and Divine Happiness.
Everything is found in this Single Act of the Divine Will. The soul who possesses and operates in It possesses everything in common with God, flows in everything, diffusing herself everywhere and in everything to the enchantment and delight of her Creator. Truly this is the prodigy of prodigies, and no other form of sanctity even remotely approaches the sanctity of living in the Divine Will and Its single Act.
It should be noted that in the language that Jesus uses in the “Book of Heaven,” which is adapted to our human language, He frequently refers to specific effects of the single Act of the Divine Will as “an act or acts” of the Divine Will. For example, he might refer to the Institution of the Sacrament of the Eucharist as an act of his Divine Will, but this example is an accommodation to our mode of speech and it must always be understood that such reference to a particular action of God is truly an effect of the single Act of the Divine Will.
An analogy of the single Act of the Divine Will doing everything is the example of the Sun whose activity in its one, single act of emitting light and heat accomplishes so many wonderful effects in the immense variety of things that exist upon the earth.
To the creature it appears as though God does a great variety of acts, one after the other, but this is only because He reveals, little by little, what is in that single act, since the creature is not able to know it all at once.
The single Act of the Blessed Trinity constitutes all their happiness and their equality in love, power, holiness and beauty, etc. Neither past or future exist in this single Act, and the greatest portent of the Divine Essence is not being subject to successive acts.
The acts of the soul in the Divine Will are simply veils for the Single Act of God which envelops, absorbs and transforms the will and acts of the soul in that Single Act, which acts in the soul as Its own Act while generating new joys, beatitudes, felicities, and harmonies within the Trinity which overflow and envelop the inhabitants of Heaven, who become enraptured, exhilarated, and ecstatic.
Jesus wants to act in the soul and in her acts in one, continual, actual act, forming his life in her. By doing this He impregnates the human will with His Will and there takes place a transfusion of the human will in the Divine Will, and the soul becomes incorporated and identified in the eternal light of the Divine Will and converts into light all that she does.
The Purpose of God in Creating Humanity with the Gift of His Will

God is a Trinity of Three Divine Persons; yet God is one, single Being. This single Divine Being was alone and sought companionship. His Nature is Love, and He wants to give and to share with other beings capable of understanding Him and loving Him with equal love. He wants companions capable of receiving all that He is and all that He has, as far as it is possible. He wants companions with whom He can exchange thoughts, words, affections, secrets, and mutual delights.

God satisfied this longing of his Nature by creating two human beings and endowing them with the Divine Will which provided his creatures with all the capacities and attributes for making ideal companions for Him. He gave them the fruitfulness to generate more ideal companions, to live in perfect harmony with Him and with one another.

The following quote from the '”Book of Heaven” illustrates the Divine longing for companionship. On November 6, 1929, Jesus told Luisa:

“Now, daughter of My Divine Will, do you want to know who breaks My loneliness in the midst of so many works that I do? It is the soul who lives in My Divine Will. She enters into the heart of this center (i.e. Jesus), and she speaks to Me about My works. She tells Me that she loves Me for each created thing, she opens her heart to Me and she tells me her intimate secrets. She speaks to Me of My Divine Fiat and of her sorrow because she does not see It reigning. And when I hear her, My Heart feels in her Its own love and sorrow. It feels as if it were being brought to life again. And, as she speaks, My Divine Heart swells with love and with joy. And as I am unable to contain it, I open My mouth and I speak, and I speak at length. I open My Heart and I pour My inmost secrets into her heart--I speak to her about My Divine Will as the only purpose of all Our works. And as I speak, I experience true companionship--but a speaking, not a mute, companionship--with a companion who understands Me and who makes Me happy, to whom I can unburden Myself.”

We also learn from Luisa's writings that the purpose of Creation was for the Blessed Trinity to form their Life in the creature and for the Divine Will to act feely in man. It was God's purpose that every human act have its life in the Divine Will and that all human acts become divine acts being sealed with divine nobility, holiness and wisdom, allowing man to grow in His likeness and to act as God acts. To accomplish this, the acts of each creature are established by God in Eternity to have their beginning in God and from God, in the Unity of the Light of the Divine Will.

Doing What the Divine Will Does

The Saints did the Will of God as It is done on Earth but not as It is done in Heaven. They were not able to enter within the Divine Will to participate in all that the Divine Will does and take all the acts of mankind and operate as actors, spectators, and divinizers of those acts.

The soul who lives in the Divine Will moves in the Prime Act of God and becomes present and active in the motion of all creatures, and she gives Jesus a divine act for every sinful human act.

The Prevenient and Actual Acts in the Divine Will

Jesus made Luisa understand that the Prevenient Act should be made by the soul upon awakening in the morning, setting one's will in His, and telling Him with firm conviction that she wants to live and act only in the Divine Will. By doing so a divine sun is formed in her soul and she prepares all the forthcoming acts of her day to flow in the Divine Will. This firmness of your intention moves Jesus to replicate his Divine Life in all her acts that will be unfolding during the coming day and that those acts will be incorporated in the Eternal, Single Act of God and identified with It.

Jesus also made Luisa understand that this sun of the Prevenient Act can be sullied by acts of self-esteem, self-will, carelessness and neglect, etc. He explained that by inviting the Divine Will into what we are presently doing--the Actual Act--the soul clears away any clouds or dust that have may have sullied the brightness of the Prevenient Act, and brilliant suns are formed in these Actual Acts in which Jesus replicates His Divine Life.

Jesus concluded His instruction to Luisa by affirming the both acts are necessary. He let her understand that the Prevenient Act assists and makes room for the Actual Act and provides the proper disposition for the Actual Act. And He told Luisa that the Actual Act preserves the Prevenient Act and enhances the disposition that accompanies it.

When the creature invites the Divine Will into her acts in order to live in It, the Divine Will floods the creature and her acts.

Multiplying the Life of God in Our Acts Done in the Divine Will

For each and every act that a soul does in the Divine Will, she multiplies the Life of Jesus, and He Himself is multiplied in each of those acts. Everyone of such acts contains a Divine Life. Jesus waits expectantly to see Himself multiplied in the acts of the soul.

The Human Body and the Divine Will

It is the wish of the Divine Will to make Its work, Its field of action and absolute dominion in the creature completely Its own; and It wishes to do so not only in the soul but also in the body.

Jesus told Luisa that God is enchanted with the beauty of human nature living in the Divine Will, covered with flowerings and invested with the most resplendent Light. He explained to Luisa that the soul, by itself, could not have been able to form so many varieties of Beauty, but because the soul is united to the body, it finds the little crosses, the necessities of life, the variety of circumstances--some sorrowful, some cheerful--that as seeds, serve to sow in the earth (i.e. the flesh) of human nature a beautiful, flowery field. The soul itself does not have earth and is not able to produce any flowering; but, on the other hand, united with the body, there are so many wonderful and beautiful things that it can do.

The Role of Intention in Our Acts in the Divine Will

God does not look at the external action of the creature but at the intention. This is because the intention forms the life of the action. The intention acts as the soul of the action, and the action is the veil of the intention. This is similar to the situation of the soul and the body. It is not the body that thinks, or speaks, or walks, but it is the soul that gives life to the thought, or to the word, or to the step. The body carries and veils the soul, but the action is of the soul.

The Greatness, Beauty, and Prodigies of Acts Done in the Divine Will

Although acts done in the Divine Will are hidden from other humans, a prodigy of divine action takes place in these acts and forms the Triumph of God over all creation. No human speech is capable of expressing this Triumph which is entirely divine. As this divine action is realized in the creature, golden heavens are formed where the Trinity walks, and They delight in gazing at Their action in the creature.

The Divine Will is Light by nature, and the souls who do their acts in the Divine Will acquire new divine light with every act, because the Divine Will is capable of transforming into Light all that the creature does--not only his works, but every thought and word.

Jesus is so eager for the Divine Will to be done on earth as in Heaven that He places thousands of Angels to guard a single act done in His Will, because these acts become seeds for the spreading of this Celestial Kingdom.

The acts done in the Divine Will are so immense that, as the soul does them, everything in Heaven and earth participates in them, and the soul finds itself in communion with all things that God has created.

Only while the soul is still on earth does the Divine Will multiply Its goods and Life in her acts done in the Divine Will. In Heaven the Divine Will beatifies the soul but does not multiply her acts or the goods and Life of the Divine Will.

Every time the soul acts in the Divine Will, Jesus grants as many new blessings and joys, and He happily makes all creatures share in the bliss that He enjoys.

Acts in the Divine Will contain the Life of the Blessed Trinity and are adored by the Angels, and these acts flow everywhere--into Heaven and earth, into the past, the present, and the future.

The inhabitants of Heaven experience new joy, glory and happiness when acts in the Divine Will are done by souls on earth, and God gives new Grace to the Earth.
The acts done in the Divine Will are immense; they are eternal; they are infinite.

Even the smallest acts done in the Divine Will, such a blinking one's eye, are written with indelible characters, and these acts say, “We are eternal acts because an Eternal Will has animated, formed and completed us.”

Jesus told Luisa that He is very jealous of the acts that souls do in the Divine Will. He told her how those acts glorify Him in a manner all divine. He said that each of these acts is a new feast that is begun in all creation and in Heaven, and how these acts carry new joys, feasts and felicity. He loves them so much that He makes them inseparable from his own acts.

Jesus once exclaimed to Luisa, “How beautiful are the acts done in my Will! Ah, if you only knew the power, the grandness, the marvel of an act in my Will!” He told Luisa that an act in the Divine Will moves everything--Heaven and Earth, and that all Creation, the Angels, the Saints give and receive the exchange of this act.

In the soul who lives in the Divine Will, God continues his Creation with new, spiritual heavens, suns and stars. These new heavens are heavens of love, glory, light, adoration and knowledge. God Himself becomes ravished at the sight of them. The Angels and Saints remain enchanted upon looking at the variety of heavens contained in this soul, and while they are looking, other new heavens are formed, one more beautiful than the other. The heavenly Kingdom is reproduced in this soul and the abundance of new things is endlessly multiplied. Just one of the acts of this soul is of more value than Creation itself.

The Theater of God in the Human Soul

At every eternal instant the Holy Trinity is experiencing ever new, fascinating and enrapturing joys and exhilarating delights, all of which are produced by the Divine Will in Its single, never-ending Act. This is the Life of God, which He wants to share with his creatures.

When the soul lives in the Divine Will, God communicates his Divine Life to the soul in her every act done in the Divine Will. And since the Life of God is filled with the enrapturing joys and exhilarating delights mentioned above, the soul of the creature in whom the Divine Will acts, becomes the Theater of God. The fortunate creature becomes endowed with these Divine joys and delights, which she will enjoy forever in Heaven. And not wanting to spoil the enchantment of God as He delights in the marvelous scenes taking place in the theater of her soul, the creature is ever vigilant to never do her own will.

Divine Unity and the Lord's Prayer

The highest and most perfect union between Creator and creature and among creatures themselves is that which exists in Heaven. In Heaven there is perfect unity of will among the Divine Persons, angelic persons and human persons; and this is because all categories of persons possess the one Divine Will in common and live one Divine Life in common--their lives being nothing but one, single act of the Divine Will, which animates and directs all that they do. Even though there is a plurality of personalities, there is no plurality of wills animating and directing them; therefore, there is perfect harmony and happiness. If there were a plurality of wills there would be unhappiness in Heaven. In the “Book of Heaven” Jesus tells us that even within the Holy Trinity there would be unhappiness among three Divine Persons if there were a plurality of wills. Thus the Life of the Holy Trinity, generated by their One Will in Its one eternal Act forms the substance of the happiness of the whole of Heaven and is the standard and the reality of life in Heaven. It could be no other way and be Heaven--a Heaven of perfect unity, harmony and happiness.

To enter this Divine ambience of the perfect happiness of Heaven the created wills of angels and humans must be enveloped, absorbed and transformed in unity with the uncreated Divine Will in such a way that these free, created wills offer no resistance whatever to the Divine Will, thus letting the Divine Will reign with perfect freedom in these blessed creatures always and forever. And this is the way the Will of God is done in Heaven!
The inhabitants of Heaven exist in the enjoying mode of Life in the Divine Will and the Beatific Vision of ever new delights, and this is their never-ending reward for having responded properly to the Love of their Creator. Yet, in this enjoying mode the Blessed can no longer merit or add to the glory of God.

In the beginning of time, the Wisdom, the Power and the Love of the Creator wanted man to be happy and to live the Life of Heaven--but on earth, in the meritorious mode of Faith, capable of adding glory after glory to his Creator, recognizing the Love of God for man in all that He created, and always giving Him praise, love, adoration and thanksgiving.

But to be happy, even while on earth and to live in the unity of wills and the harmony of the Life of Heaven, man would have to be enabled for this way of life. So God enabled man by enveloping, absorbing and transforming his human will in the Unity of the Divine Will, so that God could act freely in man as He acts in Himself. This giving of the Divine Will to man to possess, enabled man to do the Will of God with God and as God does It, to love God divinely and to live the Life of Heaven but in the conquering, meritorious and glorifying mode of time and Faith, which allowed man to constantly accumulate a divine dowry for his eternal and enrapturing delight when his Heavenly Father called him away from time and Faith to the Beatific Vision of Eternity.

By freely choosing to disobey God in the Garden of Eden, man separated from the Unity of Will with his Creator and the divine purpose of his existence. Plurality of wills then came to exist on earth, which resulted immediately in unhappiness, disorder, and continual warfare.

The Son of God assumed human nature and redeemed mankind, but left them with a plurality of wills. Jesus ascended to the Father but left man with the remedies and medicine of His Church and its Sacraments to help man cope with the disorders and unhappiness of a plurality of wills separated from His. But not long before Jesus died He prayed to his Father that His Kingdom of Unity of Will in the Trinity and in all Heaven would be restored to humanity, so that once again man could do the Will of God as in Heaven--that is by living in the perfect Unity of the Divine Will--and thus regain the lost happiness of his original state and the purpose of Creation.

This Prayer of Jesus (Thy will be done on earth as in Heaven) for the restoration of this Kingdom of Divine Unity, also wanted by His Father, is of its very nature infallibly predestined to fulfillment in time; and the evidence is abundantly clear that the time of its fulfillment began in the life of the virgin Luisa Piccarreta of Corato, Italy, who died in the odor of sanctity in1947, and whose Cause of Beatification and Canonization is currently underway at the highest levels of the Church.

Fiat Semper

All that is written above is oriented to the Glory of the Most Holy Trinity!