dinsdag 21 juni 2011

From the House of the Divine Will
Issue No. 72                                                                 __                                    June 2011

Creation - then Redemption - now Sanctification

God is now calling souls back to the Original Order, Place and Purpose
for which He created mankind—as it was in the Garden of Eden— in order to fulfill
the Lord’s Prayer to the Father, “Thy Will be done on earth as in Heaven.”

 “The Holy Spirit wants to give Christians a ‘new and divine holiness’
at the Dawn of the Third Millennium” - Pope John Paul II

The Creation of the First Human Being
—Based on the “Book of Heaven” by Luisa Piccarreta—


Jesus said to Luisa: “Now, that which I manifest on my Divine Will, and which you write, can be called ‘The Gospel of the Kingdom of the Divine Will’.  In nothing does It oppose either Sacred Scriptures or the Gospel, which I announced while being on earth; on the contrary, It can be called the support of one and of the other.”
(Vol. 23, 1-18-1928)

God and the First Man

God’s very Nature is Love, and it is the “need” of Love to be always giving, to be always sharing.  The Eternal Trinity is always giving and sharing among Themselves, and strictly speaking They are entirely sufficient in Themselves and entirely happy in their one only, eternal Will, their Kingdom. Yet this Divine Trinity decided to burst forth outside of Themselves and bring into created reality the ideal of their everlasting fascination and love—The Human Race!  Human beings would provide an outlet, a vessel, in which to pour their Divine Life giving Them the joy of watching their own Will, their own Kingdom, operating outside of Themselves in these other beings whom They would make to their own image after their own likeness.

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So, uniting together their Power, Wisdom, and Love in their one Divine Will, this Trinity of infinite Love created an immense space in which to place a Universe—an immense, beautiful and marvelous dwelling where human beings could live out their lives in the Divine Will, love Them divinely and glorify Them by doing the Father’s Will as in Heaven—in the mode of Time with Faith.

Thus, the only self-existent Being—God, The Holy Trinity—dearly loved the first human being and was concerned about him even before They gave him existence. They longed to share with him their power, wisdom, love, sanctity and beauty. The universe that They created as a dwelling place for him contained so many wonderful things in it where They could concentrate their love for him—in the stars, the wind, the sea, the little flower, everything—and from which They could bring him their love—love of existence, love of beauty, love of order, integrity and harmony, love of the divine attributes and so on.  And in the Sanctity of their Will They authored his page in the Book of Life, begetting all the acts that Adam should do with the divine life that he would receive from Them.

As They molded his nature with their creative hands, forming his bones, his nerves, his heart and his other organs. They clothed these with flesh and concentrated their love in them, fashioning all his body from the elements of the earth and formed a most wonderful statue more beautiful than any sculptor could ever make.  They loved him with a father’s love for a newborn son* and kissed and hugged him.  Then looking upon him with uncontainable love They breathed upon him and infused in him a life-giving soul,** anxiously anticipating his first words. // * [Lk: 3,38]   ** [Gen: 2,7]

But not yet content, with an exhilaration of infinite love, They endowed their beloved son with three brilliant suns which formed a celestial and perpetual day in his soul—not subject to a night of any kind.  These three suns came forth from the Power of the Father, the Wisdom of the Son and the Love of the Holy Spirit. And these suns—the intellect, memory and will of Adam—formed in him the image* of God and provided constant communication between him and the Three Divine Persons so that he had the way to ascend to Them and They had the way to descend in him. // * [Gen:1, 26]

And yet, their love was still not content.  The Holy Trinity wanted their newborn son to have their likeness* and the ability to act in their ways. Going to the extremes of their Divine Goodness, They gifted Adam with their very own Will and the same Divine Life and Love that their Will generates in Them in Its single, eternal Act!  And They gave him the gift of speech and the gift of freedom in his human will, which would serve as a depository for the eternal Will with which They had endowed him with so much love and  purpose. // * [Gen:1, 26]
And then, the great moment arrived before the expectant gaze of their divine eyes!

As soon as this perfect and resplendent soul of Adam enlivened and animated the newly formed statue of his body, he immediately gained the awareness of his own existence and the paternal presence of God who had just created him.  Adam under-stood that He had formed him, and with all the exuberant emotion of his soul, filled with gratitude and Divine Love, Adam uttered the first words spoken in the human race: “I love you my God, my Father, the Author of my life!”  But it was not his word alone, but also his breath, his heartbeats, the flowing of his blood, the motion of his body and all his being that said, “I love You, I love You…”

The fatherly goodness of the Blessed Trinity prepared many new surprises for their new son, They had so many love-secrets that They would make known to him, little by little, as his life would unfold before Them.

The first lesson that They gave Adam in return for his first words of love was the knowledge of the meaning of their Divine Fiat, and this knowledge was infused in his soul with love of tenderness.  And every time Adam told Them that he loved Them, They prepared more beautiful lessons about their Will.  Adam became enraptured with all this, and the Blessed Trinity delighted in conversing with him and made endless rivers of love and delight  flow upon him.

In the infinite sea of the Divine Will are found order, harmony and great mysteries surrounding the creation of man. The majesty of man’s creation is so full of unknown wonders and mysteries that neither theologians, nor philosophers nor scientists can properly describe the formation of man. Man depends on the Creator Himself to tell us about our origin.

Our wonderment about the  marvels of man’s nature diminishes somewhat when we gaze deeply into the sea of the Divine Will.  We discover that man was created in the eternal womb of God, that God Himself created the magnificence and prerogatives of man’s nature and formed the series of his thoughts, the number of his words, steps and heartbeats, and provided the operations of human nature with such beauty, order and harmony that the Holy Trinity found Themselves in the soul of the first man with such fullness that there was no more room left for man to put anything of himself.

The Holy Trinity was so content that They became enraptured upon seeing their own Will operating in their creature and that in the little field of his humanity their power had enclosed their divine work.  In an ecstasy of love, They said to Adam: “How very beautiful you are!  You are our work, and you will be our glory, the outlet of our charity, the reflection of our wisdom, the echo of our power and the bearer of our Eternal Love.”

The Sublime Marriage of God and Mankind

   When the Holy Trinity brought Adam into existence in Eden, They wanted the fullest possible, permanent union with mankind. And so The Holy Trinity formed a marriage bond between God and mankind. In the formation of the first human, They let nothing lack to his body or his soul, and everything was done with royal sumptuous-ness. A most beautiful universe was prepared with a sky filled with stars and a sun whose light would never extinguish; and there were the sumptuous and florid gardens where God and man would joyfully stroll in the cool of the evening as they celebrated the uninterrupted feast of this sublime marriage of God and humanity.  And they wore royal garments of the purest celestial light, woven by the power of the Divine Will.

Everything about man was beautiful in both soul and body because God posses-ses transcendent beauty, and He is the one who fashioned the spouse of His wedding. The enchanting splendor and beauties of all Creation serve one’s imagination in visu-alizing what seas of beauty, holiness, light and knowledge that God must have filled the interior of Adam!  And what of Adam’s acts, both interior and exterior, done in the Divine Will?!  His acts made so many musical notes, and produced the most delightful, most sweet and enchanting melodies, which kept the joy of this marriage alive and vibrant.

But God had given Adam the gift of freedom in his human will, and God had given him a simple commandment that he should not touch one of the Trees in the Garden of Eden nor eat its fruit.  And then one day God permitted Adam a test of his loyalty and obedience.  Adam failed his test and sin and disorder entered the human race.

Jesus speaks of  the effects of this sin and the solution to Luisa:

“My daughter, man degraded himself and lost all goods because he went out of my Divine Will.  In order to ennoble himself, to reacquire everything and receive the rehabilitation of the marriage with his Creator, he must enter once again that Divine Fiat from which he came.  There are no ways in the middle; not even my Redemption is enough to make man return to the beginning of the happy era of his creation.  Redemption is means, way, light, help, but not the end.  The end is my Will, because my Will was the beginning, and by justice, one who is the beginning must also be the end.  Therefore, humanity must be enclosed in my Divine Will to be given back her noble origin, her happiness, and to put the marriage with her Creator in force once again.  This is why the great good that my Redemption did to man is not enough for Our Love, but It yearns for more.”
O Father in Heaven, may the Kingdom of your Divine Will come quickly
so that your Will can be done once again on earth as in Heaven!