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From the House of the Divine Will
Issue No. 75                                                  ____                  __                      March 2012

Creation - then Redemption - now Sanctification

God is now calling souls back to the Original Order, Place and Purpose
for which He created mankind—as it was in the Garden of Eden— in order to fulfill
the Lord’s Prayer to the Father, “Thy Will be done on earth as in Heaven.”


The Proper Way for human beings to live was established in the Garden of Eden in the first human beings, Adam and Eve.  Adam, as head of the human race was tested to confirm this proper way of life for all humanity. He failed that all-important test, and humanity departed precipitously from the proper way of life and began to live a disordered, sinful and miserable way of life which has persisted for 6000 years according to the Book of Heaven, supported by the Scriptures and the Fathers of the Church. The only exception was the Virgin Mary until Luisa Piccarreta, who began to live the recovery of the original, proper way of life that Jesus has regained for humanity during His 30 years of hidden life in Nazareth. This is what Jesus prayed for in the Lord’s Prayer.


The Divine Will cannot Reign if the Three Powers of the Soul are not Ordered with God.

God created the human soul with three powers: memory, intellect and will, which provided these bonds of communication with the Three Divine Persons of the Blessed Trinity. 
For the Divine Will to be able to form Its Kingdom in the soul, it is necessary for the three powers of the soul to be ordered to the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, so that They can raise that creature to their own likeness. If not, the Divine Will will not set up Its kingdom in the soul. On the other hand the Divine Will will be happy and Its reign will be connatural if the soul’s will, intellect and memory are found ordered within themselves, outside of themselves, and ordered to God. This proper order and harmony of the Kingdom of the Divine Will in God and in the creature must not be divided but one alone, and thus Its dominion and regime will be one alone.
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The three powers of Intellect, Memory, and Will were given to man so that he could understand the One who created him, to let the soul grow in the likeness of God and be able to transfuse his will into the Will of the Holy Trinity giving man the right of letting It reign.  For this reason the soul cannot return to the purpose for which it was created by God, letting the Divine Will reign in it as in Heaven, if the three powers do not work in harmony helping one another to focus in unison upon God and the Kingdom of His Will.
The words written in the Book of Heaven are very clear because what pertains to the Divine Will is light descending from Heaven not to confuse the human intelligence but to strengthen and clarify it so that it can understand and love those most precious words.  And each of the manifestations of the knowledge of the Supreme Will in the Book of Heaven is like brushstrokes to lead the soul to regain the likeness to God.
To prepare the Kingdom of the Divine Will, work is necessary along with celestial laws full of love. In this Kingdom laws of fear, pain and condemnation are not allowed to enter. The laws of this Kingdom will be of reciprocal, amiable and filial love between the Creator and his legitimate children.
The Divine Will brings the soul to its origin in God and conserves it there, where the Divine Will maintains the integrity of the image of the God in the depths of the soul. And in such souls will be found God enclosed in their intellects, memories and wills. As long as the soul lets the Divine Will reign in her there will be the bonds of rapport between God and the soul, and God will see to it that His likeness always grows in her distinguishing her as a legitimate child of the Supreme Being. On the contrary, if the human will does not recognize its origin in God, it descends from its beginning, and the intellect and memory will become dark. The image of God in the soul will become deformed and distorted—no longer recognizable.
Doing one’s own will brings about so many evils devastating every good.
Yet, the three powers of the soul who strives to live in the Divine Will will regain the original image and likeness, consumed in Divine Love, if the will desires God alone, if the intellect becomes entirely focused upon knowing God, and the memory brings to mind nothing but God.
       The Divine Will was given to the human race at the very beginning of Creation as the life of creatures, administering in each act of the creature a divine act of Its own—an act full of Its Holiness, Light, Power and Beauty. 
       As this proper way of life, Living in the Divine Will, begins again to flourish universally on earth, the Main Human Problem, cause of all human problems, will disappear. And what is this Main Human Problem? It is the separation of the human will from possession of the Life, the Beauty, the Holiness of the Divine Will.  Adam is responsible for this separation.
       When the Holy Trinity put into act their Creative Fiat, Their great desire was that human beings be given Their Divine Will to possess in common with Them and freely live that Divine Life in common with Them, always wanting what They want and always doing with Them what They do as their legitimate children and divine companions. 
       This was to be done on earth in the conquering and meritorious mode of Faith and Time, without the Beatific Vision of God, because the Beatific Vision was to be the eternal reward for fidelity to the Creator, the Supreme Being.

Divine Life and Human Life

What is Divine Life?

The Life of God, The Holy Trinity, is generated eternally, always and forever by their Divine Will in one, single, never-ending Act. That never-ending Act forms the never-ending Life of God. It is Their one Will shared by all Thee Divine Persons, which is the vital, life giving principle in God, which animates Them and directs Them in all that They do.
What is human life?
The life of a human being is generated by the human will in a continuous series of individual, human acts; and the human will is the vital, life-giving principle, which animates and directs all that we do.
Since human beings are dependent beings—created by God and dependent upon God, we have to be conserved in existence by the Divine Will, and our human will has to receive prime motion from the Divine Will in order to act. “It is God who acts in us to will and to accomplish.” ( Phil: 2,13 )
In the human soul, it is the human will that gives life to the intellect and to the memory and also to the body. The intellect receives information from the senses of the body and stores that information in the memory. Both the intellect and the memory provide information to the will, and the will acts upon that information. (Remind listeners about the unified operation of the 3 powers of the soul.)
The Divine Will produces Divine Love and Divine Life.  The human will produces human love and human life.
From the beginning, God’s purpose was for human beings to share His Divine Life by giving them the Gift of the Divine Will. That means that human beings would possess the Divine Will Itself in common with the Three Persons of the Holy Trinity. The Divine Will would be the animator and director of everything that humans would do, think or say. (This requires the human will to freely deny itself and receive the operation of the Divine Will.)
All that human beings would do would be divine, infinite, eternal. So, every thought, word, step, breath, every movement would be divine acts, infinite acts, eternal acts all fused and incorporated in the single, eternal Act of God. If a human being made an act of love to God, that act would be Divine Love, animated by the Divine Will.
The human will of each human creature would serve as a landing place and depository for the Divine Will to settle in each soul and fuse with the human will, communicating the likeness of God to the soul. The behavior of the soul would be divine behavior—loving as God loves,  wanting what God wants and doing with God what God does.
The fusion of the human will with the Divine Will would cause the human will to be diffused in the Divine Will everywhere—to be bloated everywhere and in all things with God and would become the voice of praise, love, adoration, blessing and glorification in all creation—in every star, planet, moon and comet; in every blade of grass, and grain of sand; in every bird, fish, reptile, and mammal; in every drop of water, and molecule of air; and every tree, flower and grain of wheat, and so on and on.
As God created Adam from the clay of the earth, He breathed into him the breath of life, but the life God breathed into Adam was above all the Divine Life and divine likeness, which gave brightness, splendor and clarity to Adam’s intellect and memory, and filled his human will with Divine Beauty, Strength, Power and Wisdom.
By Adam’s possession of the Divine Will, The Lord God made him the owner of all creation with the right and duty to exercise dominion over the whole universe.
And God infused in Adam’s intellect the knowledge of all the arts and sciences and began to instruct him in the ways of living in the Divine Will.

Divine  Lives
Paraphrased Extracts from
the writings of Luisa Piccarreta
Living in the Divine Will is not a matter of changing actions but of changing the will.  Instead of our own will flowing alone in all we do, we let the Divine Will flow as primary actor, animator and director of that act.
The Divine Will communicates its Power, Beauty, Sanctity and Its other attributes to the human will that flows together with It, thereby transforming our act from human to divine, with all the divine qualities. The human will, flowing in the Divine Will becomes identified with the Divine Will. (Example: Waters of Ohio River flowing into the Mississippi River are no longer identified with the Ohio River but become identified with the Mississippi River. )
God generates The Divine Life in each act that we do, even our natural and tiny acts.
Letting the Divine Will generate Divine Life in what we do gives Jesus great joy as He sees his Life in our acts, and we are endowed with a Divine Life for as many acts that we do in the Divine Will.
Jesus told Luisa that this does incalculable damage to the Glory of God and not even Redemption could repair this damage!  Even those who have the reputation of being good, split their affections between love of God and love of the world.
God’s Glory in creation will not be complete until creatures give first place to the Divine Will and Its Love, Glory and Dominion in their lives.
There is no real comparison between the Divine Life formed by those living in the Divine Will and the works of souls done outside of the Divine Will.  Good works not done in the Divine Will are like beautiful ornaments—but never Life.
Being born into the Divine Life the creature is always giving The Holy Trinity new joys and happy surprises, because she is reborn in their Power, Wisdom, Goodness and Holiness.  And They love this creature as They love Themselves, because They find their own Life in her.  She forms their Paradise!
As the creature becomes reborn in the Divine Will, God begins to sow as many Divine Lives in her soul as He wishes.  By the word of Its Fiat, the Divine Will creates as It speaks, sowing Divine Lives in the creature  It uses the Divine Breath to make these Lives grow and Its Love to feed them.  With Its Light It endows these Lives with all the variety of Its beauties.  (3 births)
The Divine Lives are generated in the souls of those who live in the Divine Will by their every act in the Divine Will, by their thoughts, their heartbeats, their breaths, and by each word of the knowledge of the Divine Will that God communicates to these most fortunate souls.
The value of a single word about the Eternal Fiat is so immense that it surpasses by far the value of the whole of Creation.  Creation is a work of God.  One word about the Divine Fiat is Life—a Life which never ends and from which all works of God proceed. .
So great is the Love of the Holy Trinity for the creature who receives these Divine Lives, that with each word that They make known to this soul, their Eternal Love drowns her, and the Holy Trinity feels loved in return and feels relieved of the weight of human ingratitude. 
The Holy Trinity is so contented with the love of this creature that They refer to her as “their consoler,” their Fiat, their depository on earth.
The Love of God is such that He forms a Divine Life in each word or knowledge that He makes known about his Will.  But each of these Divine Lives is a new Life, one differing from the other—new in Sanctity, in Beauty and in Love. 
In all of this manifesting and communicating of the Holy Trinity to the soul, They receive, in return, their own Love, Beauty, Goodness as new Love, Beauty and Goodness.  By means of their own Divine Lives, They feel so wonderfully glorified and loved by the soul to whom They have revealed Themselves.
The knowledge They give makes Them descend into the creature and provide wings to the creature to ascend to Them.                 
When they see a soul yearning to know more about the Divine Will, They immediately prepare the most beautiful surprises for that soul—not just to let her know something but to give Her the good that is contained in what They reveal to her.
When a soul calls the Divine Will into her act, It descends into that act, inundating and transforming that act.  It generates Divine Life in that act and forms a Divine Prodigy within it. 
When the Divine Will does not find a creature willing to live in It, all the Divine Lives that It could have formed in the creature’s acts are kept inside the Divine Will, and God must wait with sorrow and divine patience for a creature to let His Life be generated within her.
The human will must turn its place over to the Divine Will and cooperate voluntarily.
This voluntary cooperation on the part of the creature allows God to pour Himself with her, flooding all of her acts, animating them with his own Life, working wonders only known by those in Heaven, and the soul gives God as many offspring as acts done in his Will. (Offspring: a divine life—like a human life as offspring of human parents)
This is the Divine commerce: God loves the soul, and He lets her know how much He wants to be loved in return, but with His Own Love! And if He does not receive this love, He will burst forth in agonizing cries, so loud as to deafen Heaven and earth.
The Divine Trinity wants to from as many Divine Lives for as many creatures as They have decided to create.  We creatures belong to Them, and Their Love for us drives Them irresistibly to form their Life within us.
The glory and joy of the Blessed will be in proportion to the number of acts that they have done in the Divine Will and the knowledge that they have acquired of the Divine Will. 
Every increase in knowledge of the Divine Will causes the soul to arrive at such a height as to astonish the heavenly court, because each bit of knowledge is a Divine Life of which the soul takes possession and which contains an infinity of goods and celestial joys.
The Holy Trinity waits for their Children who will be living in the Divine Will and will make the Them truly known on earth.  The Divine Will will become their Teacher of the new sciences of their Creator, and they will become beautiful, wise, holy and noble persons according to the knowledge they have gained.
Creation is not finished; it continues in those who live in the Divine Will.  We can see in Creation the order, beauty and power that God placed in these works.  But in the creature there will be seen Love, order, beauty and God’s creative power repeating so many Divine Lives for as often as the soul has acted for God to let Him operate in those acts.
The wonders of the acts done in the Divine Will, even the smallest acts or one’s breathing or one’s movements become fascinating to watch, and God creates so many  Divine Lives in them, one after the other.  (The soul becomes the theater of God.)
The Holy Trinity takes dominion of these acts and bathes the soul with brilliant, mystical suns, which surround the soul, and render her so beautiful that she brings enchantment to all of Heaven.
Everything is easy for God, as long as He finds the human will disposed and willing to live in His.  The human will provides God with so many veils in which to form so many Divine Lives.  As long as the human will offers God its little veil, the Holy Trinity invests all its acts with the multiplicity of Divine Lives.
Living in the Divine Will is the prodigy of prodigies by which the Divine Trinity makes souls understand who They are, what They can do, and where They place the creature—that is, in the original order with God as man was created in the beginning.
The Divine Lives generated by the Blessed Trinity bring these souls oceans of Light that shine always brighter, Love that always burns so ardently, Wisdom that always understands, Beauty that forever grows more beautiful, and Goodness that is always admired.
For as long as the creature lives in the human will and not in the Divine Will, she will always be ignorant of the Supreme Being, incapable of discovering any but the smallest knowledge of her Creator and how much He loves her and can give her.
By living in the Divine Will the creature allows God to satisfy his Nature of Love by giving and watching her come to understand Him, and to invest all her acts with Divine Lives.
Jesus made Luisa understand that only Heaven could contain all the admirable effects and pure joys of even one additional knowledge of the Divine Fiat.
The Divine Will is overflowing with Divine Lives, divine beauties and divine goods which It wants to give to creatures.  It longs to be able to pour Itself out and enclose creatures in Its Bosom of Light, making each soul a prodigy of distinct sanctity and beauty, thus forming Its Heaven on earth.
The great pain of the Divine Will is that the human will opposes the Divine Will, preventing It from accomplishing what It so much longs to do.
Jesus told Luisa that He had given her very great graces and, through her, to the whole world by manifesting so many truths about the Divine Will. 
He explained to her that these truths are Divine Lives, but each Divine Life contains a special and distinct happiness and glory to be given to creatures, which they, in turn, can give to their God, from Whom they had received them.  (see explanation of Divine Lives at asterisk below)*
However, these happinesses and glories will be communicated to creatures only when they come to know these truths of the Divine Will.
The Divine Will was always in a state of expectation, waiting for the next act of the creature to give Its own act and to form Its many Divine Lives in the acts of Its creatures. 
Jesus exclaimed to Luisa how beautiful these Divine Lives in creatures would have been.  In looking at them the whole Trinity would have seen their reflection, the image and the echo of their own happiness.  What joy, what feast Creation would have been for the Blessed Trinity and for every human being! —if Adam had not sinned.
—Thomas Fahy

*Explanation of Divine Lives: Note: This explanation is speculative based on considerable contemplation and is open to change and improvement.  /  It seems that when Jesus speaks about the Divine Lives that God communicates to souls with our acts done in the Divine Will and the truths that we learn about the Kingdom of the Divine Will, He is speaking about the Life of the Divine Will that God is experiencing at the same “eternal instant” that corresponds to the “temporal moment” that souls living in the Divine Will do an act in the Divine Will or receive a truth about the Kingdom of the Divine Will in their intellects. These Divine Lives become added to the endowment of the soul to take with her into Heaven after life in the Divine Will on earth, to be enjoyed to the fullest extent possible to a creature according to her capacity.  The wonder in this is that God Himself is experiencing new and ever increasing joys, delights, harmonies, fascinations and enrapturements at every “eternal instant.” By giving us these “Divine Lives” He is providing a divine endowment of unspeakable happiness for our life in eternity.

    The Contract that Jesus Made with his Father
during His Agony in the Garden of Gethsemane

During his Agony in the Garden of Gethsemane Jesus said;  "Father, if it is possible, pass this chalice from Me; yet not my will but yours be done." 

Jesus explained to Luisa that with those words He was not speaking of the chalice of his Passion but the chalice of the human will that contained so much bitterness and vice that His human will, united to the Divine, felt so overwhelmed with repugnance and bitterness that He cried out to the Father, “If it is possible, let this chalice pass from Me!”

He further explained that all the evil in the world is due to the human will separated from the Divine Will and that seeing Himself covered with all the evil effects of the human will before his own Sanctity He experienced the feeling of dying and actually would have died had not the Divinity sustained Him.

Then He told Luisa that He said three times to his Father, “Not my will but yours be done.”  He did this in the name of everyone, begging the Father that the human will no longer be done on earth but only the Divine Will; and He besought the banishment of the human will so that the Father’s Will would come to reign. And the thing most important to Him and of greatest interest to Him was to call to earth the “Your Will be done on earth as in Heaven.”

With that Jesus constituted the time of the Reign of the Divine Will on earth as in Heaven.  With his three beggings in the name of everyone, He successfully obtained from the Father, first,  the coming of the Reign of the Divine Will, second, Its descent upon the earth, and, third, Its sovereign dominion as ruler.

Because his death on the Cross was imminent, Jesus wanted to make a contract with his Heavenly Father so that his prime purpose for coming to the earth would be fulfilled, namely that the Divine Will take Its proper place of honor in mankind.  The prime offense of man was his withdrawal from the Divine Will in the Garden of Eden. All other evils fall in the secondary order.  The Divine Will always has primacy in all things, and, although Redemption and Its fruits have been seen before the realization of the effects of this contract with the Heavenly Father, it is in virtue or this contract that Jesus made with his Father during the Agony in the Garden that the Divine Will will have Its glorious reign on earth as in Heaven—the true purpose for the creation of man and the primary purpose of Jesus’ coming to earth and being born in Bethlehem.

Jesus revealed to Luisa that in the mystery of his Will she was together with Him during his Agony in the Garden of Gethsemane and united with Him in crying to the Father, “Not my will but yours be done” because it was necessary that at least one human creature should render that contract valid.