zaterdag 6 september 2008

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Jesus and Mary,

We are excited by the number of those who have already registered for the October 19-22 Conference in Clearwater Beach!

This is reminder (to those who haven't registered yet) about the low registration fees and also the additional $20 discount available before the end of business on September 15 for those who call to register (423-566-5178). [Those who mail in the registration form must have their envelopes postmarked by September 15 to get the extra $20 discount.]

Attached is a Registration Form just in case your original email got deleted.

Hurricanes, etc.:
There are some nasty looking hurricanes coming toward the USA. Our contract with the Hotel includes various conditions for cancellation, including "Acts of God," military or terrorist actions, etc... So, don't worry. We will refund your registration fees if something of that nature were to prevent the Conference or travel to the Conference. We are at the height of the hurricane season now. Latter October is typically quiet concerning hurricanes in the USA.

This Will Be A Serious Conference:
This Conference will be very serious about living Life in the Divine Will and the more perfect understanding of the incredible sublimity of this Gift—and how knowledge of, and Life in the Divine Will, leads to understanding our God, the Giver of this Gift.

The speakers have a 106 years of combined experience studying and promoting the knowlege of this Ultimate and Unsurpassable way of participation in God's Eternal Nature, Eternal Life and Eternal Love .

Fr. John Brown, former Secretary of the Diocesan Tribunal for Luisa's Cause, headed the team that went to the Vatican in January 1996 to photocopy and photograph the original Volumes of the Book of Heaven, which had been stored in a special archive of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith (formerly called The Holy Office) for 58 years. [Those original writings are still there, of course]. Fr. John also very involved fwith the opening of Luisa's Cause and picked the date of November 20, 1994. Fr. John nearly died a few years ago due to a blood clot on his lung and, although in dimished health, has been studying and teaching this celestial doctrine on a daily basis.

Fr. Robert Young, OFM, learned about the coming Reign of the Divine Will in the mid-1990's. He has traveled to many places to teach the knowledge of the Divine Will, spoken at our Conferences and, among various works on behalf of the Divine Will, has developed a significant following of souls eager to pursue the knowledge and Life of the Father's Kingdom in souls.

Fr. Thomas Kirk also learned about these things in the mid-1990's. He is a pastor in western Tennessee, and has enveloped himself in gaining the knowledge of the Divine Will from the writings of Luisa. He has a Divine Will study group in his present parish and had one in his previous parish. Fr. Kirk has spoken at one of our past Conferences and has been an instrument or ecclesial help to the Center of the Divine Will, for which we are most grateful.

We will give additional information about the other speakers in our next undating bulletin.

We all look foward to seeing you in Clearwater and bolstering one another for the serious times ahead.

Respectfully yours, in the Kingdom of Our Father's Will,

Thomas Fahy

PS: Dear Priests and Nuns please register with us (423-566-5178) even though your Conference Registration is free.