vrijdag 22 augustus 2008

August 22, 2008
Eve of the Feast of the Queenship of Mary

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Jesus and Mary,

This year’s annual Conference on the Divine Will and Its Kingdom reigning in souls will be held at the ultra beautiful Marriott Suites at Clearwater, Florida, on the dates of October 19 -22, 2008 (Sunday evening to Wednesday noon), This facility is located on Sand Key, right on the beach of the Gulf of Mexico. The special suite rates (normally very high) are only $99 including a full breakfast.


This Conference will be a very serious conference without the usual frills, such as folders and name tags, etc., and it will be limited to the first 350 persons, including speakers. We won't have a children's conference this year.

The Kingdom of the Divine Will, will not flourish in the world with all his marvelous and celestial benefits until, as Jesus told Luisa, there have been sufficient acts done in the Divine Will by those who are sincerely committed to this truly Divine and Glorious Way of Life.

Taking into account the economics of our these times, we are lowering the Registration Fee to $85 for singles and $110 for married couples including their children under the age of 21. We are giving a additional $20 discount to all those who register by September 15, 2008. (Registration for Priests and Nuns will free. Discounted Registration for Permanent Deacons is $50 single / $65 for married Deacons and family under age 21.)

The Themes of this Conference: We are still developing the themes, but the themes will likely include Possession of the Divine Will, the importance of Knowledge and Love of the Divine Will, Understanding God as a result of living Life in common with Him, and the Practicalities of Living in the Divine Will.

Speakers: Fr. John Brown, former Secretary of the Diocesan Tribunal for Luisa’s Cause of Beatification; Franciscan, Fr. Robert Young, who resides in Tallahassee; Fr. Thomas Kirk, Pastor of St. Mary’s Church in Jackson, TN; Ann Ellison, Hugh Owen, Thomas Fahy. Other speakers may be considered, but the plan is for each speaker to have time to develop his or her theme in a thorough and compelling manner.

Some of the attending Guest Priests may give homilies at the Masses. Our beloved Fr. Michael Adams hopes to be able to attend part of this Conference. Fr. Carlos Massieu would have come to speak, but was fully committed elsewhere in October.
Registration Protocol:

1. Contact the Center for the Divine Will by postal mail or telephone [423-566-5178] to make payment of the proper registration fee.

2. Contact Hotel Registration at [888-303-4428] to register your suite. Tell the Hotel registration clerk that you are of the Divine Will Conference Group. Deposits must be made within 5 days after registration. We recommend registering as early as possible. All inquiries about the hotel must be directed to the Hotel. The cut-off date to register with the Hotel is October 3rd.

Tomorrow, August 22, I will be sending you the Conference Registration Form and some additional details. But feel free to register by phone before receiving it. We will be back from Morning Mass by 10 AM. Tel: 423-566-5178

Thomas Fahy—