donderdag 8 mei 2008

May 8, 2008

Dear Readers of "Letters of Gold",

Special greetings to all the new subscribers to "Letters of Gold". Many of you wrote to find out what is the "Book of Heaven." See the "P.S." at the end of this Note.

I hope very much to get out the next issue of "Letters of Gold" this month (May 2008).

Upon returning from Spain on April 16, I had thought that things would allow me to write you much sooner. But that definitely was not the case! It has been a continuous series of mental and physical work since my return. I seem more easily fatigued than in younger days.

While in Spain, we were able to make a presentation on the coming of the Reign of the Divine Will to to a convent of beautiful and obviously very holy nuns in Salamaca as well as two days of presentations in Ciudad Rodrigo near the Portuguese border.

The Priest who made all the arrangements was Fr. Prudencio Manchado, who is a most humble, sweet, helpful and diligent Priest! What a pleasure to be with a Priest like him! His understanding of the Divine Will has grown remarkably since he visited us here in Tennessee last year.

Pope Benedict surely made a good impression here in the USA. Before leaving to return to Rome, he exhorted Americans to promote the Kingdom of God—referring to the Lord's Prayer.

Well, this is precisely the mission of our organization, "The Luisa Piccarreta Center for the Divine Will," which mission began by its founder in October of 1973 many years before we were formalized as a tax-exempt, corporate entity. It is also the mission of the many Priests and laity who, in the past many years, have committed themselves to this Divine Project, which is destined to renew the face of the earth. A new and glorious era is forthcoming to fulfill the Eternal Decrees of God that his true purpose in creating man be realized and man return to living in the Divine Will as It is lived in Heaven—and as It was lived in the Garden of Eden before Adam withdrew from his unity with the Divine Will to do his own will.

This was Our Lord's intention when He taught the Apostles the "Our Father" and for which Christians have been praying for the past 2000 years. Therefore, the most perfect and sublime meaning of "Kingdom of God," which the Pope exhorted us to promote, is that which is made known by the Servant of God Luisa Piccarreta in the "Book of Heaven" and the "Virgin Mary in the Kingdom of the Divine Will."

Respectfully yours, in the Adorable Will of God,

Thomas Fahy

P.S. Note to new subscribers: The "Book of Heaven" was written in Heaven in Eternity and communicated by Our Lord to the soul of Luisa Piccarreta of Corato, Italy (1865-1947). Luisa, under obedience to the Confessors assigned to her by her Bishop, wrote the "Book of Heaven" on paper over a period of 40 years. It consists of 36 Volumes explaining in the most sublime—but easy to read—language the Divine Intention of Jesus in the Lord's Prayer, which must be fulfilled before the end of human history so that God's true purpose for man be realized.

Jesus revealed the full title of the "Book of Heaven" to Luisa on August 27, 1926. It is:

"The Kingdom of the Fiat in the Midst of Creatures — Book of Heaven — The Call to the Creature to Return to the Order, the Place and the Purpose for which He was Created by God."