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Dear Readers of Letters of Gold,

This issue really amounts to the 15th anniversary of our publishing the Letters of Gold. Our first issue was dated June 1993. The reason for the name "Letters of Gold" will be found in the first few pages of the book, "The Virgin Mary in the Kingdom of the Divine Will" that Our Lady gave to Luisa Piccarreta in 1930.

Since our last issue in February, we have added several new readers to our email readership list. We Welcome You!

New readers must realize that these "Letters of Gold" which come out 4 times per year are written principally for souls who have been familiar with the Servant of God Luisa Piccarreta, her mission to be the herald of the Reign of the Divine Will on earth as in Heaven, and her most sublime writings which manifest the incredible spirituality of the Kingdom for a totally new era for mankind, and has already begun in faithful souls in spite of our most perverse times.

Therefore, we hope that new readers will open themselves to the special graces of the Holy Spirit and develop a keen interest in the Life and Writings of Luisa Piccarreta, whose cause of Beatification / Canonization has been in progress for over 13 years and has passed from the Diocesan phase to the Vatican Phase.

In this issue of Letters of Gold, I have mentioned some of the books that the Luisa Piccarreta Center for the Divine Will has in stock, but I failed to mention the wonderful Biography which became available several months ago. The title of that biography by Hugh Owen, is "Thy Kingdom Come - the Life and Mission of Luisa Piccarreta."

God bless you.

In the Admirable, Amiable and Adorable Will of God,

Thomas M. Fahy

From the House of the Divine Will
Issue No. 59 ____ May 2008


Creation then Redemption now Sanctification

God is now calling souls back to the Original Order, Place and Purpose
for which He created mankind—as it was in the Garden of Eden— in order to fulfill
the Lord’s Prayer to the Father, “Thy Will be done on earth as in Heaven.”

“The Holy Spirit wants to give Christians a ‘new and divine holiness’
at the Dawn of the Third Millennium” - Pope John Paul II

This sublime Project of Heaven is made known to us by the life and
writings of the Servant of God Luisa Piccarreta (1865-1947)

15th Anniversary of Letters of Gold

About Those Who Live in the Divine Will on Earth as It is Lived in Heaven

Those souls who live in the Divine Will can claim as their own all that God does, because such souls, having abandoned their wills to Jesus, becomes so identified with Him, that all that His Will does, they also do.

When souls who live in the Divine Will pass into Eternity they carry within themselves the Masses celebrated and their prayers and good works, and even more—the action of the Divine Will Itself, one instant of which surpasses the actions of all other creatures combined, who have not lived in the Divine Will. Upon entering Heaven, these souls are met by all the Blessed, who bow their heads and give great honor to the action of the Divine Will in these souls.

These souls, having identified themselves with the Divine Will, upon dying in that Will, acquire such beauty, sanctity, wisdom, love and divine riches that nothing else can be compared with them, for during their lives on earth their every thought, word and deed became so many suns, each differing from the other in light and beauty.

The Divine Will is the prodigy of prodigies and the secret way for souls to find celestial light, divine holiness and all goods.

The Angels that guarded the most holy Humanity of Jesus will guard those who live in His Will. As these souls reflect on the Life, passion and prayers of Jesus, these Angels gather around these souls and gather their words, prayers, compassion and tears, unite them to those of Jesus and present them to the Throne of God. Therefore, these souls who live in the Divine Will should remember that, when they are reading the “Hours of the Passion,” or reflecting upon them, the Angels are very attentive to every word and thought and repeat after these souls what they say!

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(The House of the Divine Will is a private home. The editor of this newsletter is Mr. Thomas Fahy)
Jesus told Luisa that there are two stairways to Heaven. He said that those who take the path of the virtues, but not with their wills in continual connection with His Life, ascend by way of wooden stairs, but those who live their lives in His Life (the Life of the Divine Will) ascend to Heaven on golden stairs and can say that they are another Jesus and that their acts are Divine and of incalculable value, in spite of the fact that these souls are hidden in Him and are almost unknown. But in Heaven they will be well known.

Jesus told Luisa that his Kingdom is formed by those who live in his Will and that He appoints them to different offices in that Kingdom, placing everything under their dominion.

Those who live in the Divine Will are the depositories of the Divine Will and Its defenders, for they understand the greatness and sanctity of the Divine Will. These souls are eager to defend God’s rights and love Him with true and disinterested Love, similar to His.

Those who live in the Divine Will imitate Jesus in His zeal to recompense His Father by uniting their adoration of the Father with that of Jesus in the twinkling of the stars, in each drop of light of the Sun, the flowing of the waters of the rivers and seas, the winds of the atmosphere, in each plant and flower. . . These souls, by living in the Divine Will, become the echo of the voice of Jesus. They repeat his Life and are the perfect glory of Creation.

The souls who live in the Divine Will are the most faithful to Jesus, and He unburdens Himself with them, placing his trust in them. Their cross and sanctity resemble that of Jesus.

For those who live in His Will, Jesus forms his Real Life, as He does in the Most Holy Sacrament of the Eucharist.

The acts of the souls who live in the Divine Will are animated by that same Will and acquire the eternal and divine attributes of the Eternal Will.

Jesus spoke to Luisa of the immense happiness awaiting them in Heaven for those who have lived in the Divine Will on earth. Such souls will participate in all the joys and goods that the Divine Will contains in such a way that all the joys of the Divine Will are held in common with these souls.

Those who live in the Divine Will should not consider themselves as earthly citizens but as citizens of Heaven. Living in the Divine Will is very different from only doing the Divine Will, and those who have had the incredible grace to live in It are bound to an eternal point, operate together with the Divine Will and are enveloped by an invincible strength.

Although it is the Nature of the Divine Will to create unity, it does so without any necessity of uniformity. Thus, among those living in the Divine Will there will be a variety and diversity of qualities, sanctity and beauty. And this variety and diversity will pervade in the new creation that God is forming in those souls whom He has called to live in the Divine Will.

The First among those who will have lived in the Divine Will on earth will be those who never went out of the Divine Will, regardless of the era or time in which these special souls have lived, and they will form the crown of the Blessed Trinity. Such souls include the Virgin Mary and, undoubtedly, Luisa, who, although she did not begin her life on earth in the Divine Will, she maintained herself in the Divine Will constantly from the time she was given the Gift of the Divine Will at the age of 24. And it seems very possible that there will come a future time in which many souls will remain constantly in the Divine Will throughout their lives. What a joy that will be for God, and for Heaven and earth!!
Commentary on the above:

The above insights are very sublime, but are precisely what all humanity would have enjoyed had Adam not sinned. This is what God had in mind upon creating mankind, and his purpose will infallibly be accomplished with the fulfillment of the “Our Father”—Thy Kingdom come; the Will be done on earth as in Heaven.

Nevertheless, those who are now beginning this new Life in the Divine Will in the many and various places on earth, must keep constantly in mind, with great humility, this exalted vocation amid all the distractions of the current state of this world, enveloped in unprecedented evil. [‘He who overcomes will be given the hidden manna… and a new name written, which no man knows but he who has received it.] Apoc. 2, 17.

The “overcoming” required of those aspiring to live in the Divine Will, refers to not only overcoming the three concupiscences of the World, the Devil and the Flesh—i.e., inordinate appetites or desires related to these perennial enemies of the soul following the Original Sin of Adam, and which all inherit, except the Blessed Virgin Mary—but also overcoming those habits we have of useless conversations and gossip, thinking of ourselves (sometimes even exalting ourselves!), worrying about the past, lack of mortification of the senses, undue curiosity, and numerous other aspects of letting the human will do what it wants, rather than attentively letting the Divine Will dominate and act freely in us as our Gift from the Holy Trinity, which They want us to possess in common with Them.

More Precious Insights into the Mystery of Those Living in the Divine Will
Divine Love gave Jesus no peace if He didn’t speak to Luisa about the new surprises of his Divine Fiat. It wanted Him to talk to Luisa about the sublimity and nobility of the place that the souls who live in the Divine occupy in Creation and in the Divine Being. These souls occupy the first place in Creation, and all created things become bound to these persons as inseparable members. The sun, the sky, the wind, the air, and all else become the members of those who live in the Divine Will. All created things feel happy and honored to have their distinct roles—some as heart, some as feet, some as hands, others as eyes, etc. The souls of these fortunate creatures, operate as the head to keep these members in order and to receive from God all the love, glory and goods that the Divine Will had placed in created things.

As those who live in the Divine Will do their acts in It, all creation becomes animated by the voices of these souls. Parts of creation speak words of Love to their Creator, other parts speak words of Glory or Adoration or Gratitude or Blessing to Him, forming such harmony and enchantment as to enrapture the Blessed Trinity.

In the souls who live in the Divine Will, the Holy Trinity develops Their creative work and deposits Their love, Their delirium and sighs for more souls to live in Their Will. They make these souls understand Their Supreme Majesty and come to love the Trinity with Their own Eternal Love.

Those who live in the Divine Will find the heavenly Fatherland with God’s creative act full of festivity, joys, love and unspeakable happiness. Those souls dive into seas of beauty and sweetness, making themselves owners of all the goods they find.

And More Commentary:

New Readers may find the content of this issue of Letters of Gold rather astonishing, which is understandable. This is our 59th issue. Our first issue began in June, 1993, although we were called to the mission to make the Reign of the Divine Will known to others about 35-36 years ago. I hope you will commit yourselves to gaining a lot of knowledge about the Father’s Kingdom coming now at this time in human history, for It is destined to transform the face of the earth and introduce a most resplendent and happy era for the good of mankind and Great Glory to God. The Kingdom of the Divine Will began Its Reign on earth in the soul of Luisa Piccarreta in 1889. From her began a continuous and ever-lengthening chain of souls living in the Divine Will on earth as in Heaven. Her Cause of canonization is currently in the Vatican. —Welcome to the very Great Good News of the Kingdom of the Divine Will! Jesus made known to Luisa that no other way of holiness and intimacy with God even remotely compares to Living in the Divine Will. These most beautiful truths, which Our Lord wants mankind to know, are in the Book of Heaven.
Concerning the Book of Heaven:

Luisa Piccarreta, who possessed a first grade education, wrote the Book of Heaven over a period of 40 years, from February 28, 1899 to December 28, 1938, while confined to bed as a victim soul. She wrote solely under obedience to Our Lord and her confessors assigned by her Bishop. Actually the Book of Heaven was written by God in Eternity and communicated to the soul of Luisa from which it was transferred to paper by the action of Our Lord Himself through the hand of Luisa. The Book of Heaven is composed of 36 Volumes, of which the Church has allowed the publication of the first 19 Volumes.

Luisa’s Cause of Beatification was opened on the Feast of Christ the King in 1994 in her diocese (Archdiocese of Trani) and passed to Rome in late October of 2005. In January of 1998, the Archbishop of Trani (then Archbishop Carmelo Cassati) issued a moratorium on new printings of the Volumes of the Book of Heaven and other works of Luisa Piccarreta. He did this to safeguard the integrity of the process of Luisa’s Cause. This moratorium is still in effect under the present Archbishop of Trani, Giovan Battista Pichierri. From the beginning of the moratorium in 1998, the Center for the Divine Will, was permitted to distribute the remaining inventory of its English language editions of books by Luisa until they are depleted. Additionally, in recent years, permission was granted the Center to publish or republish certain works.

Our Center has already depleted several items from our large 1998 inventory and are close to depletion of others. Although the Volumes of the Book of Heaven are the primary source of the Knowledge of the Kingdom of the Divine Will, other means are available to us, also. Retreats, Prayer Groups, Conferences, Audio and Video Tapes are among these other means.

Concerning the work of the Center for the Divine Will: P.O. Box 340- Caryville, TN 37714
Tel: 423-566-5178
Our mission to study, live and promote the knowledge of the Reign of the Divine Will had its seeds in 1972 and began in earnest in 1973. But it wasn’t until May of 1994 that our work was formalized in the form of The Luisa Piccarreta Center for the Divine Will, Inc., (“Center for the Divine Will” for short). In November of 1994, Divine Providence permitted the opportunity for one of us to work full time for this sublime mission. Later, our staff of four was able to devote full time to this work, but we have always relied, and still do, on the generosity of our spiritual brothers and sisters for support, which donations are tax-exempt.

The work associated with the mission of our Center has been very fruitful, thanks to God! We have made known the news of the Reign of the Divine Will throughout the English-speaking world by personal encounters, retreats, conferences, and the distribution of the writings of Luisa Piccarreta. We have also been able to establish a Retreat House in Cantabria, Spain, called the House of Sanctification, and have acquired some land in a very special location for a future complex to be erected for the world-wide diffusion of the spirituality of the Kingdom of the Divine Will. By an extraordinary grace, we have introduced the knowledge of the Divine Will to over a thousand Priests and Bishops, many of whom have responded to Our Lord’s call to become Apostles of the Kingdom of the Divine Will. (Note: It is by your support that all this has been possible.)

Back in 1998, in response to the published letter of Pope John Paul II, in which he stated that the Holy Spirit wishes to give Christians a “new and divine” holiness at the dawn of the Third Millennium, we added an auxiliary operation to our Center, The John Paul II Institute of Christian Spirituality, which promotes the knowledge of several 20th Century holy persons, who exem-plified unique holiness with similarities to that of Luisa Piccarreta, and whose writings have been very helpful in understanding the spiritual prodigies that God has operated in Luisa Piccarreta.