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General Letter March 2011

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March 19, 2010
Feast of St. Joseph

Dear Readers of “Letters of Gold,”

A few weeks ago I spent almost an entire day with my very holy spiritual advisor. He is an American Priest involved with the Reign of the Divine Will, and has the longest history on behalf of the Reign of the Divine Will of any American—Priest or layman, residing in the U.S.A.

It was a wonderful day together sharing thoughts and ideas on the diffusion of the Reign of the Divine Will, and it was especially comforting to my soul that he and I are in complete agreement in our understanding of what God is accomplishing at these very moments in our times to bring about the necessary disposition in souls for the universal reign of the Divine Will and the work that both he and I are doing and must do for this divine purpose in respect to our particular callings and missions—he, as Priest, and I as layman.  New readers may want to know that both of us began our learning experiences in our efforts to foster the glorious Reign of the Divine Will back in the early 1970’s.

During our recent day together my holy spiritual advisor gave me instructions to carry out certain things, several of which are to be done quickly.  Some of these instructions may be alluded to in what I share with you below.

I will now share several things of current interest to me and to our little staff.

1.         Full obedience to the Church in all that the Church asks of us, regardless of our own preferences. To do otherwise is to do one’s own will and to impede Good.

2.         There will soon be a Divine Will Retreat at the House of Sanctification in San Sebstian de Garabandal. The official dates of the retreat are April 22 – April 29.  Significant dates associated with this retreat are Easter on April 24, preceded by Holy Thursday and Good Friday; Mercy Sunday on May 1 (after the retreat) and Luisa’s birthday, April 23. Let us know if you are interested in attending this retreat.

3.         The events and predictions of Garabandal are all part of the Plan of God to bring about the proper dispostion in souls for the universal Reign of the Divine Will, after  much suffering and the conversion of hearts.  There are considerable efforts underway for a meeting of the Pope and the Orthodox Patriarch of Moscow and all Russia.  Most of you know what that portends.  It is most lamentable that Garabandal has been largely ignored and even opposed.  Obedience to Our Lady’s requests there, beginning in 1961, would have spared the Church and the world much scandal and suffering.
Some of us living to day will have the most incredible and unprecedented experiences of meeting God during the universal “Illumination of Consciences” (the Warning) and then See the Glory of God and still Live! during the Great Miracle at Garabandal.  Can one even imagine the results in souls from such experiences, and what zeal they will have for God and the Reign of his Will on earth!!

4.         The Old Testament provided the necessary history of man and the laws and requirements from God for the religious life of the Jews, which began with Abraham.  The New Testament, provides the essential knowledge and instructions for the life of Grace established for us by Jesus, the Incarnate Word.  The Gospel of the Kingdom of the Divine Will, more commonly known as the “Book of Heaven,” provides the necessary knowledge for souls to possess the greatest Grace—living in the Divine Will, during the now coming reign of the Father’s Kingdom in souls in fulfillment of the Lord’s Prayer.

5.         Jesus explained to Luisa that the “Book of Heaven” supports the Scriptures and the New Testament and that the Scriptures and the New Testament support the “Book of Heaven.”  In regard to the all important doctrine concerning the origin of man, all three —Scriptures, New Testament, Book of Heaven— are in complete harmony with the long history of Catholic belief, beginning with the Church Fathers, and her Doctors, Saints and Mystics.  [I am currently working, little by litte, as time permits, composing a paper on this subject based mostly on the most beautiful teachings in the “Book of Heaven.”]

“The Beginning contains the End,” is a principle of immense importance for those who aspire to live in the Divine Will.  The Father’s Kingdom began its Life in human souls in Eden, with Adam and Eve. God was in the process of infusing the knowledge of this Kingdom in the mind of Adam who began to share it with Eve when she was formed from his side. These divine instructions were broken off when Adam did his own will. Now, in our time, we are learing the same sublime teachings from the writings given to us by God through the life and writings of Luisa Piccarreta!!


About a year and a half ago, I mentioned THE KINGDOM FUND in one of our “Letters of Gold.”  I mention it again at this time, because our Luisa Piccarreta Center for the Divine Will needs your support. Some of our readers have been sending support for many, many years. Some support us with checks in the mail. Others do so by asking us to make monthly donations from their credit card accounts, and others call in and donate by credit card, while some include donations with their book orders.  We have a good-sized list of email addresses of those who receive the “Letters of Gold.” Perhaps many of you haven’t realized that our operation depends on your support.  Since moving to this blessed house (provided in a marvleous way by Jesus and Mary), we have been able to reduce operating expenses considerably, but we still need your support.  Our mailing address is Center for the Divine Will – P.O. Box 340 – Caryville, TN 37714. You can mark the memo on your checks: “Kingdom Fund” or “K-Fund.” Our phone number found on the “Letterhead of this message” is 423-566-5178.

In the Adorable Will of our Heavenly Father—       Thomas Fahy and Staff